Monday, July 20, 2009

Day 142 - Movie Monday

A big thank you to Alicia from Shortcuts for sponsoring us last week! The design team really enjoyed working with your products. I'm happy to say there will be TWO winners from Shortcuts Week, so I will begin with that announcement:

Congratulations to:

You have won a $20 Gift Certificate to the Shortcuts online store!

and also to

You have won a ShortCuts Sampler Pack, which includes samples of all of their products.

There is a link over in the sidebar where you can email me with your contact info so I can pass it along to Alicia at Shortcuts.

Congratulations to our Top Trio:

1)Lea L. - scroll down to see her "very cherry" bright and beautiful take on the sketch.
2)Juls - for a very impressive red, white and black card that is worth a close-up look.
3)Patti J. - for some pierced flourishes that were a perfect accent for her card.

Thanks for the inspiration ladies, you may grab the COTW blinkie for your blogs if you would like!

I do believe we've had a record-breaking week for those who created cards for all SEVEN challenges. The card makers who made the list are:
Teza, Hannah S., Chrissie, Linby, Chrissy, Tasia D., Alicia H., Paula M., Rebecca, Nikki, Made by Mandy, Lila, Linda B., Piali, Denise O., Carolyn V., Celeste, Craft Girl (Karin Hoag), Tulin Emre, Janice, Crissy, Wendy K., and Iona S.

Thanks to all of you for joining in on every challenge. And please let me know if your name should appear on this list as well!

On to today's challenge. A very good friend of mine, Elisa, is celebrating her love of all things Twilight by hosting a convention in Portland, Oregon next month. Thanks to her, I've read the books and seen the first movie, which means I've got Twilight on the brain right now. I thought it would be a fun challenge to see how this movie inspires you. If you've not seen it, I'm providing images of both the movie and the book covers to help you along.

Here is Gloria's gorgeous card creation:

But you know, it just wouldn't be a proper 365 challenge if I didn't throw in some other requirements ;)

So here it is, the specific challenge:

Let the Twilight movie inspire your card. Use a black card base or black background, patterned paper where the dominant color is red, and embellish with either glitter or rhinestones. Anything else goes.

Have a wonderful week!


Quirky said...

yeah..! I'm the first to link!

give me the pleasure of this one time, k? :P


nikkinix said...

And I'm the first to panic! Maaannn... I don't DOOO red :( I'll have to really dig something up for this one LOL :)

Patti J. said...

If at first you don't succeed...silly me! I actually DID all 7 projects, but forgot to post up the outside looking in one! I went ahead and posted it just so you could see it, Pam! I thought it turned out too cute not to share... Okay, now, I am off to start over and try again! LOL!!! Have a great day and a great week. Thanks for a really fun challenge site!

Jenny S. (UK) said...

Congratulations to all the winners, some lovely inspiring cards there. I did do the whole 7 days but just checked and for some reason my link to the bind-it card was missing although I have had 2 comments!?! very spooky. I have loaded it again.
:)It's also Here TFL

Tasia D. said...

Congrats winners!! Today's challenge will be fun! I am going to get started on it now!

Erica said...

I am a Twilight freak, so I am so happy to play along for this one! Thank you!

PaulaM said...

Great challenge. I got mine done - it doesn't look real red - it is more of a muted red. Hope that works.

Mojo Hugs said...

Congratulations to the winners.

GREAT challenge. LOVING red and black at the moment!

Carolyn V said...

Congrats to last weeks' winners! Way to go!

Phew! Despite not seeing the movie or reading the books (am I the only one?), I managed to complete today's challenge.

Kira said...

Thanks 365 Cards for making me a winner!

I haven't seen Twilight, but was inspired by this challenge.

Thanks for the awesome website to keep us as creative as possible!

Raquel said...

Hello everyone... this is my first time joining this challenge but I've known about you for a while now. Thanks for all the inspirations!
Listened to the first three books and saw the movie.

Cheri said...

I am a few days late, but still getting it uploaded in the week. I hope you like my blingin' bee!

Kira said...

Congrats winners!!!

Alecia Castro said...

So very late, but I posted it anyway. Did this one a while back, just got behind on my blogging. TFL!!

Omi said...

i know i'm too late)) but i can't miss this theme!

Hazel said...

I know I'm mega late, but still trying to catch up - lol x