Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Day 150 - An "Eye" for an "I"

There have been several suggested names for our week-long participant group, so thank you very much - I believe one of those will work, and I'll begin using it next week ;)

Today's challenge is called an "Eye" for an "I" because I want you to substitute one word that sounds like another, but has a different meaning - and use it in your sentiment. I believe they call this a homophone (I even Googled it!), and I've seen them used on stamps, rub-ons, and stickers, so there are lots to choose from. And when in doubt, computer-generated always works.

Before I share the sample cards, let's meet today's Reader:

Vickilyn Crawford

My name is Vicki (Vickilyn actually) and I have been a paper crafter for over 15 years. I started with scrapbooking and to be honest, I swore I would never make cards - my theory...."Why would I put all that effort into something that somebody is just going to throw away!" Guess I am eating crow on that statement! I love making cards - and still love my pages too! So anyway, I have a husband, three kids, and a Great Dane - you could just say 5 kids. I work full time and obviously have a love for papercrafting, but also for Nascar, reading and CSI: Miami. Currently you would probably find me more in digi-land than anywhere else! I have found I love working with digital images, papers and what not. As a matter of face, the papers and image on today's card are both digital. I would like to thank Pam for this opportunity and hopefully you will see more from me soon.
And I would like to thank you, Vicki, for creating this card for us:

Here are a few words about why Tammy chose Vickilyn:

For reader appreciation week I choose to highlight Vickilyn and her paperhugs blog. Vickilyn has been with 365 Cards for a while and has been a pretty faithful follower! Yayyyyy Vickilyn!

I adore Vickilyn's blog and all of her fun colourful creations. You can pretty much count on a daily posting from her highlighting fantastic cards, altered projects and scrappy pages. Thank You Vickilyn for being such a fantastic part of 365 Cards, it has been a pleasure getting to know you!
And here is Tammy's super cute card:

I was looking back at the first several posts the other day, and I am amazed at how participation has grown. Thank you all for being so supportive of one another. Many people have come along worrying that their work isn't good enough, and many of you jump in with kind words, reminding them that they are welcome to share no matter what their level of experience and that this is all in good fun. We all still have things we can learn and improve on, I am sure.
Just a reminder, if you wish to have your name entered into the drawing for the Mac Mae Card Kit (up to 7 possible entries per person!), you have until Saturday, August 1st to link up your cards for this week.
Have a Bee-autiful day!


~Christina~ said...

GREAT sample cards. I'm a big fan of yellow and am just gaga over that yellow bow :)

Tasia D. said...

What a fun challenge!

Christina said...

What a fun challenge! Thank you for the inspiration!

Carolyn V said...

Perfect for a word-nerd cardmaker... this one was just sooo fun!

Barb said...

Congratulations, Vicky! And both of these cards are just lovely!

Quirky said...

Love the cards :) They are both pretty! :)

PaulaM said...

Great Challenge - and it certainly was a challenge for me - but I got mine done. :)

Linda said...

Really fun challenge and such a cute "bee" card for inspiration!!
I have posted my card in Mr Linky.

beckynoelle said...

mine might be a little bit of a stretch - but hopefully it works :)

Maricar said...

I am a few days late, but I got one done. Thanks for the inspiration.


Gloria Stengel said...

Congrats Vickilyn! I love the cards!

Hazel said...

Another one done (will I ever catch up? lol!) x