Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Day 165 - Shape Up!

Wow - you are creating some gorgeous cards out there! I've been doing a better job taking a peek at cards early on this week and I expect to start leaving comments sooner, too!

Just a reminder that although we are featuring glitter on our cards, yours do not have to include glitter to qualify for a prize or acknowledgment :)

Today's challenge is about another shape - a STAR - make that the dominant shape on your card. That means that you don't have to create a star-shaped card, but the star shape should really stand out on your card, whether it's that pattern in the paper, or a giant shape on your card.

Kristie's is definitely dominant, and full of glittery goodness - check it out:

We may be more than halfway through the week, but the fun is not over yet!


PaulaM said...

STARS!!! This was SUCH a fitting challenge for yesterday!! Of course, I didn't get my card done UNTIL TODAY!!

Kim said...

hum...wonder why not so many comments on this one...I did a baby card and thought I used "on your new shining star" on the inside. :)

Alecia Castro said...

Had fun with this one a while back but just now getting a chance to post it. Thanks for the inspiration!!

Hazel said...

Another one done (will I ever catch up? I doubt it - lol!) x