Monday, August 17, 2009

Day 170 - Double Duty

Well, I hope I made everyone happy by extending last week's deadline by a day, because now I'll probably make you say "Grrrrrrrrr" when you read about today's challenge - LOL!

Today's challenge is called Double Duty because I want you to make a card that doubles as something else.... examples would be a bookmark, a place card, or some sort of pocket card. HOWEVER - NO GIFT CARD HOLDERS OR MONEY HOLDERS!

I just know you want to see what Gloria came up with for this one, and it's fantastic:

It's a bag - so clever! This really doesn't have to be a difficult challenge, and the end result can be quite useful.

Tomorrow I will be back with a nice long post, along with the winner of Art Glitter Week!!


Rose said...

thanks for the challenge Pam as I needed to "wrap" a gift by tonight :)

TesaB said...

This was not an easy one. But we will forgive you. Eventually... LOL!

One4Joy said...

Oh, I just loved this one, Pam! And I seriously needed some kind of gifty thingie today! Thanks so much for the push

beckynoelle said...

Yay! This was a fun day :)
I've been meaning to make this card for the last week but today's challenge pushed me into it, Happy Monday everybody!

Carolyn V said...

Pam, that was fun! Not only did I get to stretch my own imagination... I loved seeing what the other entrants had done. No Grrrr here - just thanks!

Jenn said...