Monday, August 24, 2009

Day 177 - Monogram Monday

And here is your......

Top Trio:

1)An - For a cute and clever card that pulled "double duty" beautifully.
2)Lori - For a wonderfully artistic card with alphas and numbers.
3)Pamela - For a terrific Tuesday Trio card.

Congrats and please grab the COTW blinkie for your blogs :)

And let's not forget the Weekly Challenge All-Stars:

Chrissie, Celeste, Tasia D., Rose Miller, Jenny S., Beckynoelle, Linda B., SAM, Rebecca, Patti J., Pamela S. Wade, and Ella

Way to go, Everyone!

And for now for today's challenge....

I've seen this done many times before, and felt that with its popularity, it should be included among the 365 challenges. So all you have to do is include a monogram of some sort on your card. Now, I did a little research on what monograms are because I've seen such a variety, and I wasn't sure of what technically qualifies as one. So we'll use the term loosely and say that an initial or set of initials qualifies, how does that sound?

Gloria's is nicely done, and here it is:

Beautiful color choices, Gloria!

So, no need to Google it, just include a monogram on your card ;)


Rose said...

congrats to the top three!!! :) fantastic card gloria!!!

Cardcrazy said...

Thank you for this challenge! I had fun doing it! Also, thanks for a spot in the top three! I can't believe it! ~~Pam

Frugal Scrapper Extraordinaire said...

WOW!!! I just got back from a much needed scrappin' weekend and saw this awesome news! Thanks SOOOO much! I love this blog and can't wait to work on today's challenge:)

Thank you all SOOOOO much! I'm am humbled by this honor!

Happy Monday:)

Chupa said...

Congrats girls - your prizes are well deserved!
Thank you for this great challenge - my entry is pictured second in the post.

Goblinf said...

I've just done a list of all the cards I've missed, it's rather long! Still at least I've done this one.
Lois Goblinf

Michell said...

I like all the cards...
Your are so creative..

Are you scared to be alone at home need security

iamtutu said...

I am such a crazy preppy wannabe! LOOVVVEE monograms! It must come from my days of being an Alex P. Keaton fan from Family Ties!

Cheryl said...

Congratulations to ALL of you!!