Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Day 207 - DIY: Patterned Paper

Ahhhh - such fun, don't you think? Don't have what you're looking for in your stash? Why not make it yourself?

This time, it's gotta be patterned paper. You can do this any way you want, but you have to start with a clean slate, so-to-speak.

Here is Kristie's stunning piece of work:

For details on how she created this (and I'm on my way over there to find out!) check out her blog.

Don't shy away from this challenge - it doesn't have to be fancy, you just have to Do-it-Yourself!


Mojo Hugs said...

Ooh I love that card Kristie. Gonna have a play with this challenge later.

Jaggs said...

This challenge is just way to easy for me to do as a digital card. I may just do this one as a cut and paste. Very good are taking me out of my comfort zone.
Dang there goes another tree! LOL


Rose said...

well i always start with a "clean" card front and then add patterned paper. does that count? LOL i know the answer.....NO!!! ;0)

Simona said...

Great challenge, especialy since I don't have any patterned paper... I think this hobby is not so popular over here yet, so I can't find everything I need to create cards as beautiful as the other crafters, but I'm trying... Meanwhile I'm doing everything I can to get some of those papers, punches and other things I need, and then I have to prove it was all worth it! Thank you for the challenge! :)

Rose said...

looks like this one will have to wait for another day as it is bed time and i didn't get to start on it yet :-( just one of those days lol

Hazel said...

Another one done on the right day! Loved doing this one x

Linda said...

Your card is just fabulous!!! Love your stamped background!!

I really had fun with this one....I found out I really love stamping my own fall papers. 8)

Michelle said...

I had fun too!