Friday, September 25, 2009

Day 209 - It's a Jungle Out There

Or on your card, at least. Give your card a jungle theme - that's all there is to it.

Here is Sophie's card:

Cute, cute, cute - perfect for a 3 year-old's birthday!

I'll have some info about that end-of-the-month prize tomorrow~


Hazel said...

It so happened that this challenge was posted on the very day that I received in the post a large lion stamp I'd bought, so I couldn't resist using it straight away x

Jessica said...

On newton faulkners album song number 7 is called lipstick jungle, I'm going to listen to it while i make my card for this challenge lol

Gloria Stengel said...

I decided to be a big cheater today. I posted links to 2 cards I made with the July MacMae card kit! Using the Jungle Bungle paper. Too cute not to show you! hee hee I am trying to beat Rose in the cheater of the year contest! har de har har!

Linda said...

This was a really fun challenge!!
Your card is very cute.

MicheleV said...

All the cards posted for this challenge are fantastic!

KanataNewf said...

This was a perfect challenge for me to use my Mikey the Monkey stamp from PaperWorksCo!