Saturday, September 26, 2009

Day 210 - Try a Technique

And the technique for today is Sanding. Try sanding on your card to create a distressed look, and try to use it in a big way, as Vicky demonstrates on her card:

That is a perfect image and sentiment to use with this technique - great example, Vicky!

For the month of September, the person who completes the most challenges will win a prize. If there is a tie, a drawing will be held to determine the winner. Usually I award the winner with a package of scrappy goodness, but this month we have a fabulous new sponsor for this prize. The lucky winner will receive a scholarship/gift certificate for a class from My Creative Classroom! I'll provide more details next week, but for now you can pop over there and check out this wonderful site.


Quirky said...

woweeee... I missed so many challenges! I need to find sandpaper for this :P

Rose said...

love the look of the sanded pattern paper, have only sanded solid paper so this will be something new to try :0) thanks pam

Gloria Stengel said...

Since I am on the DT and today is not my challenge day, I am cheating again. (Rose, I'm winning!)

This is a card I made last Friday. So I did not make it for this challenge, but since I see the DT schedule early...I think it counts. hee hee

No?! Come on!

Rose said...

I say it counts Gloria!!! LOL :0)but then I tend to "bend" rules as much as you do!! ;0)

MicheleV said...

Great cards!
I have almost caught up for the week...except for the combo...#208....still trying!

Linda said...

Yahoooooo!!! I have finally got them all done for the week. You had some pretty tough ones this week....or maybe I just made them tough. 8)
Thank you they were all fun!!