Monday, September 28, 2009

Day 212 - On the Fringes

And here's your Top Trio:

1) Chrissie - For this gorgeous patterned paper that she made herself and the rest of the card that went with it.
2) Julia Moss - For going wild with this clever jungle-themed card.
3) Jessica - For turning the sketch into this marvelous gift tag.

And the Weekly Challenge All-Stars:

Rose Miller, Jenny S., Rebecca, Chrissie, Cheri S., Linda B., Robyn, Celeste, SAM, Hazel, Melisa, Kim Mc., Michele V.

Today's challenge is to add some fringe to at least 2 sides of your card. Here is Gloria's card:

Gorgeous fringe, Gloria, it is such a beautiful accent for this card!

Just a couple more days to get any of your cards done for the month of September if your going after the monthly prize!


TesaB said...

Congratulations to the top 3! You did fantastic cards!!! And WOW Gloria, what a beautiful card, that fringe is FANTASTIC!

Fringe. Hmmm. I hope mine will pass as fringe.

Suzanne said...

So, mine isn't a card but definitely has the fringe - plus, I didn't even know this was today's challenge!!

Thanks for keeping us motivated!

Jaggs said...

Even though I would probably never use the fringe technique on my cards, it can be done digitally. Just thought I share.

Terry Oulboub said...

Oooh, I like that fringe Gloria! It really makes the card stand out.

Linda said...

Beautiful card for inspiration!!
That is some fancy fringe.

Jeri said...

How fun! I got to use my favorite fringe I found while I was vacationing over the summer.

Gloria Stengel said...

Ladies, I did look at all the cards. I've been having a bad week health-wise so did not have time to comment on everyone's blog, but I DID look at all the cards and vote for my favs for the Top Trio. I will do better for the new week, promise! Hugs and keep on making cards!!!