Friday, October 9, 2009

Day 223 - In the Shadows

Starting on Sunday, we will welcome Torendi as our week-long sponsor! They recently opened their online store, and it's already filling up with lots of goodies. I'll give you complete details on Sunday's post.

On to today's challenge...

The Specifics: Create a shadow effect on your card.

Simple as that, and here is what Sophie created:

Isn't it lovely? And the sentiment reads "from the bottom of my heart" (thanks for the translation, Sophie!)

Okay now, let's see your shadows :)


MicheleV said...

Thanks for the fun challenge! Sophie - love your card!
Happy Friday!

Rose said...

well Pam this will be super easy as each time i take a pic of a card it has a shadow on it!!! LOL will check with Gloria to see if that will count ;0)