Saturday, October 24, 2009

Day 238 - Fine Twine

Can you guess what this challenge is all about? Maybe you've used thread or embroidery floss, but what about twine? I think I actually have some buried in my stash that I've never used! So now would be the time to pull it out.

Here's what Vicky did with it:

That is so cool, Vicky - such a great use of the twine! And if you are handy with this stuff, and you use it all the time, then it might not be challenge, but we'd love to see your card anyway!!

See you back here tomorrow for our first ever 365 Cards Blog Hop~


Terry Oulboub said...

Oh my goodness - Vicky did an outstanding job with this card. I love the use of twine laced like this. I could never think of any creative way to use it - this is awesome! I do love those colors and the paper is just wonderful. This is a magnificent card - too beautiful!

A Sarasota said...

Twine is hard to work with! ;-)

chriswooten57 said...

i hope you can see my twine for string on balloon. it is pale yellow twine.
i used paper gilding solution and red foil, with tiny square stencils, dotted around the card. i then took cardstock and mat the cardstock present. added a party hat and cupcake.etc....


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