Saturday, October 31, 2009

Day 245 - It's a Matter of Inches

Have you heard of inchies? Well, I hadn't until recently, and I thought this would make a fun challenge.

First of all, if you are new to the concept, check out this excellent resource. It helped me enormously when I was trying to figure out what they are!!

So, that's it, just make an inchie - either make it the card, or make one and put it on the card.

Vicky put hers on the card, check it out:

I can't wait to pop over to Vicky's blog to read all about how she created this card, because it is fab!

Have I mentioned yet that you should mark your calendars for a new sponsor coming November 8th-14th? More details coming after the weekend~

Oh yeah, and for those who are out there trick-or-treating today: HAPPY HALLOWEEN!


Rose said...

Well Gloria sure had me scarred about todays challenge! Your such a meanie girl LOL it is not as bad as you lead me to think :0)

MicheleV said...

Great cards - Vicky love the challenge post -
~~~**Happy Halloween**~~~

Kim said...

Thanks for all the great challenges this month and mondo thanks to the DT for such great inspiration pieces! I was able to get all of them done this month!! YEAH! :) Aloha!

Goblinf said...

Yes! another (very rare) occasion when I do a challenge on the day. Whoo hoo!!

I've also posted a catchup challenge for Day 217 stamped background. Although it's slightly off challenge as it's the topper background that's stamped not the main one - sorry! but hey never mind, too late now.

Chupa said...

Hope you all had a blast on Halloween!
Linky done :)