Friday, November 13, 2009

Day 258 - Put a Lid On It!

And by lid, I mean **hat** :)

Incorporate a hat into your card - whether it be a stamp or patterned paper (or anything else you can think of), just make sure it has a hat on it.

Sophie's card actually is a hat, check it out:

Isn't that great? It's a stocking cap shaped card template from Paper Popsicles, and Sophie turned it into something one of Santa's elves might wear - so cute!

Even though tomorrow is our last day of Paper Popsicles Week, you will still have until Sunday at 11:59 PM EST to get your cards linked up. If you're like me, you get a lot of scrapping done over the weekend, so I hope this gives you all the time you need to catch up.


MicheleV said...

What a great card Sophie! I have a weekend full of challenges to catch up on!

Rose said...

Are you trying to tell me something Pam? LOL oh you mean a HAT LOL

Gloria Stengel said...

LOL Rose!

I actually made a card yesterday that matched both Wed and Fri challenges...but I posted it Thursday for yet a 3rd it's sort of cheating to post it for today...but I have no disire to make another hat card for today. LOL But if I did not cheat at least once a week y'all would worry!

Rose said...

I was beginning to worry about you Gloria as you have not cheated this week. Was ready to call a doctor to check you out!! LOL
My card is finished, just waiting for the crackel stuff to dry.... never used it before and it is NOT for impatiant folks like me!! *grrr* :0)

fabricbutterfly said...

Pam I did yesterdays challenge, it looks like a few people got them in late :)

Gisèle said...

I just love snowflakes so this was a great challenge. Thanks so much!