Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Day 269 - Tied up in Knots

My challenge for you today is to create some knots on your card. You can use ribbon, string - whatever you find that can be used to create knots.

As you can see, I tied some ribbon into knots around the stems of my flowers:

If you want to submit an application to join our design team, you still have several days to get them in. I should also mention that those applications mean consideration for future guest designer spots as well. For submission guidelines, pop over here.


CraftBelle said...

Great challenge Pam, knots are great fun. You've made a wonderful card too. I would have never of thought to use ribbon for leaves. Very clever!

Rose said...

well this is perfect as i can't tie a bow! LOL *Gloria can as she can tie her shoes, but she doesn't know my shoes are tied in knots!* LOL :0) super cute card Pam and i luv how you stitched around it!

Ondrej Dyrka said...

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No? Than you should.
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Jean Addis said...

I just found your marvelous blog on a friends blog, and enjoyed making my first entry...I'll be back. Thanks for the inspiration.

Gisèle said...

This was such a wonderful challenge. I just love the impact of a simple knot. Thanks!

徵信社 said...

I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.


Gloria Stengel said...

Super cute. And Rose is correct, I can tie shoes and bows and walk in my tied shoes and chew gum at the same time except I never chew gum but I could if I wanted to! I like to tie knots too, esp. in Rose's shoes! HA!