Friday, November 27, 2009

Day 272 - Crossing the Line

Or should I say, "crossing the lines", because that's precisely what I want you to do. If you shy away from allowing embellishments to hang over the edge of your card, then this will be a challenge!

Here are the specifics: Place embellishments and/or patterned paper so that it hangs over the edge on 3 sides of your card.

Take a look at Sophie's card:

Absolutely adorable, Sophie, and it meets the requirements!

In just two days we begin another sponsored week, and the DT has been working hard preparing some gorgeous cards to share with you!!


TesaB said...

Gorgeous card, Sophie! This one was tougher than I first thought! But it was fun, thanks!!!

li-bee-ti said...

Great challenge!
Pam, does this card count? .... LOL
after all, it goes out of line just like you've asked, and I don't remeber seeing "new card rule"....

and Gloria, how about that for cheating?

OK, OK, I will try to make a new 'out of line' card...

Rose said...

libeeti so glad you have joined gloria and i on the "rebel" train!! LOL :0)

Gloria Stengel said...

Our train is sure fillng up, Rose! Welcome libeeti! toot toot!