Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Day 122 - It's a Wrap

Hmmmmmm...I'd have to say that it's pretty self-explanatory:

Use wrapping paper on your card.

This could be easy, unless you're like me and you prefer gift bags and you don't have a lot of wrapping paper in your house.

Tammy's is so fun that you don't even know it's wrapping paper. Check it out:

Didn't I tell you? Fun, fun, fun!

Your turn~

Monday, June 29, 2009

Day 121 - Four Seasons

Thank you for your patience with my internet issues yesterday! The problem has been resolved, and everything is running smoothly today.

Back to business...

Here is our Top Trio from the past week:

1)Kelly Becker - For a beautifully pieced together card that made quite a scene.
2)Mojo Hugs - For this simply stunning silhouette.
3)Karin Hoag (aka Crafty Girl) - for simply stamping and glittering a gorgeous butterfly.

Congrats to you all and thanks for contributing such wonderful creations to the gallery, and you may grab the COTW blinkie for your blogs!

For those who completed all the week's challenges, way to go! Here is who I have, and please let me know if I have missed you on this list:

Chiara_francy, Susan (One4Joy), Chrissie, Kelly Becker, Fi, Piali, Michelle M., Karin Hoag, Jenny S., Rose M., Linda B., Maja, Shari, Sherry Ann and Audrey

For those who are new to the blog, please be sure to double-check that you are linked up to the right day. I would be happy to delete any mistaken links if you leave me a note in the comments.

Today's challenges is about the seasons - all four of them! I don't know about you, but I've lived in a few places where I could swear that there are only 2 seasons - Summer and Winter. However, my calendar says otherwise, so I thought this would make a fun challenge:

Incorporate all four seasons on your card.
Gloria used some stamps that are perfect for this challenge:


And a beautiful sentiment to go along with the images! I think this challenge can be really fun, and it is wide open to interpretation...the challenge police will take a break on this one ;)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Day 120 - Super Sketchy Sunday

Before I share the sketch and DT cards, I want to apologize because I will have to list the Top Trio and the week-long participants tomorrow :( My internet was down for a substantial part of the day, and I am behind on going through all the cards for the past week.

And so, without further delay, here is the sketch:








So despite my frustrating internet situation, I am happy to tell you that we will have a fabulous sponsor for our July 1st challenge! Be on the lookout for those details coming this week~

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Day 119 - Seeing a Silhouette

The challenge is to create a silhouette of an image on your card. This might require some fussy cutting or coloring in a stamped image...

Let's see what Vicky did:

Definitely a winner here, Vicky. This turned out so cool, especially with this sort of image. I think I have a lot of stamps in my stash that I want to try with this with. How about you? No stamps that work? Well get out the scissors then ;)

Friday, June 26, 2009

Day 118 - I've Been Framed

Well, after yesterday's challenge, Gloria went wild and tried to have me overthrown as commander of this ship...but I regained control and made her walk the plank.

But seriously folks - who knew my little challenge would cause so much excitement? Not me, but y'all had me laughing raucously for hours, so thank you for that. If you are just joining us, check out the comments from yesterday's post...

And so, we arrive at today's challenge, which is to create a frame on your card. That's it, otherwise anything goes.

Let's see what Sophie did:

You know, I don't think I give Sophie all the credit she deserves. She is the queen of stunning simplicity when it comes to her cards, and they always turn out beautifully. Just a few perfectly placed elements and ta-da!! Thanks, Sophie, for the inspiration as always :)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Day 117 - Simply Stamped

Here is the challenge:

One stamped image and one stamped sentiment - that's it. You can color in the image and use any color of card stock - no patterned paper and no other embellishments!

Ah yes, a true challenge indeed :)

But I think you know by now that Amy was up for the challenge:

Simple perfection, Amy! This inspires me to go play with my Copics...excuse me, please ;)

Oh yeah - here's Mr. Linky~

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Day 116 - Keep It to Yourself: Wedding Card

I like these challenges, because I think they require us to think about what exactly we are putting on our cards. The message should be clear without an actual sentiment, although it will still count if you put the sentiment on the inside of the card. For this Keep it to Yourself challenge, make it a wedding card.

This is Kristie's take on the challenge:

Absolutely stunning, Kristie! There are many possibilities, and I know there are going to be some beautiful creations that come from this challenge~

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Day 115 - Piece it Together

Paper piecing is a very cool technique, and it looks just as good on cards as it does on scrapbook layouts!

You may recall seeing some cards with this technique when we featured digital images from the Cutting Cafe on our cards. You can print an image on plain or patterned paper, mixing and matching colors and patterns to create a complete image. You can stamp on the paper or cut it freehand. Die cutting machines can also be used to piece together images. It can be time-consuming, but the final product is well worth it.

Here is Tammy's card:

Wonderful example of paper piecing, Tammy! For details on how Tammy created this card, visit her blog.

If you've never tried it before, then this is a great time to try the technique - we can't wait to see what you come up with!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Day 114 - Lovin' Lavender

Thank you, thank you, thank you everyone for making Cosmo Cricket Week so much fun!!! There were over 260 cards entered into the random drawing! And the winner is:

Please send me your address so that I can get that big stack of paper sent off to you :)
Now let's talk about our Top Trio:

1) Wendi - for such a unique take on a wedding card that we couldn't help but 'love'.
2) Diana - for this very clever sketch card that made us smile.
3) Janice - for a beautifully feminine card.

Congrats for receiving Card of the Week honors!
Now for those who completed all the week's challenges:

Susan (One4Joy), Sherry Ann, Shari, Fi, Karen Lee, Chrissie, Wendi, Rose Miller, Ella, Lila Castro, Jenny S., Doreen, Karin Hoag (Crafty Girl), Vickilyn, Cheryl, Piali, Glenna, Paula M., Linda B., Michelle M., Rae T. - WOW! Is that a record? Way to go!!! Please let me know if you completed all the challenges from Sunday to Saturday last week and you don't see your name on this list.

And on to today's challenge. It's self-explanatory, I think:

Make lavender the dominant color on your card.

As with past dominant color challenges, those who love crafting with this color, will likely find this easy, but it will certainly be a challenge for those who don't.
Here's Gloria's card:

I'm not too sure if I like to craft with lavender, but I love what Gloria can do with it!
How do you feel about this color?

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Day 113 - Super Sketchy Sunday

WOW - talk about excellent participation this week!!! So many amazing cards on each post - truly! As the design team and I look through all the cards to determine the Top Trio, here is this week's sketch and the DT cards:








I'm off to go look at all the cards I haven't seen yet, and I'll be back tomorrow with a looooooong post, along with the winner of Cosmo Cricket Week!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Day 112 - Everlasting Love

Ahhhh, June - a month known for weddings. Vicky is sharing a card with us today to fit that theme. She used the Everafter paper crafting kit. This paper is lovely and romantic, so I thought the challenge should be:

Create a wedding card, and use the word "Love" in the sentiment.

Here is Vicky's card:

Those blossoms are a gorgeous addition to this card! Don't forget that you have until 11:59 PM EST today to complete any of the challenges for the contest. I will select a random winner tomorrow, and announce the winner on Monday's post.

Now it's time for you to share your "lovely" creations~

Friday, June 19, 2009

111 - Say it with Stripes

Sophie will share her card today, using the Snorkel kit from Cosmo Cricket. This collection is filled with bright bold colors, and one of the papers that really stood out is one with a stripe pattern, so that is what I asked Sophie to use.

Which means, that your challenge is to create a card with Bold Colors and Stripes. Such a fun summery theme, I think. So let's see Sophie's card:

Yep, this definitely makes me want to party - thanks, Sophie!

Wow, we are almost at the end of Cosmo Cricket Week, but you still have one more day and one more challenge~

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Day 110 - My Guy

Today it's Amy's turn to share her Cosmo Cricket creation. She got to play with the Lil' Man kit, so of course I'm going to ask you to make a masculine card. This is a great time to make a Father's Day card (Diana - *wink*), but of course that's not the challenge. So here it is:

Make a masculine card, and use an ARGYLE pattern

Yep, you know I couldn't keep it simple...

Here's Amy's card:

Love the way those alphas/number pop off the card!

Are you having a fun week so far? It's not over yet, so keep those cards coming~

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Day 109 - Color Scheme

Today, Kristie will share a card using the Mr. Campy paper crafting kit. I love the color scheme of this kit, so I thought that would make a fun challenge.

There are 5 colors that run throughout this set: green, yellow, orange, brown, and aqua. Use these colors in your card....and make it a feminine card!

Here is Kristie's card:

So many wonderful details on this card!

Let's see what you do with this color scheme~

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Day 108 - Oh Boy!

I am so sorry - I forgot to announce the winner from the Crop Stop challenge!! And so, without any more delay, congratulations go to:


Please email me with your email address so we can set you up with that $10 GC!

Today, Tammy is up with her card, and she got to work with the paper crafting kit, Jack's World. Because this kit is ideal for a little boy, let's see some cards that are all boy - make it masculine birthday card, but not for an adult :)
Tammy came up with this card:

Boy card - check

Birthday card - check

Absolutely fabulous - check

Thanks, Tammy! Now I need to share with you the prize for the lucky winner at the end of the week. Cosmo Cricket offers two Double Deck 12x12 paper pads, which contain two complete paper collections. The winner will receive the Snorkel/Lil' Man paper pad!

Now link up those cards~

Monday, June 15, 2009

Day 107 - So Girly

Today's challenge is all about girls! Gloria got to play with the Girl Friday paper crafting kit, which you can see here.

This is the specific challenge: The word "Girl" must be somewhere on the card - and make the card very girly!

Have I said 'girl' enough yet?

Here is Gloria's card for this challenge:

So very feminine and pretty!

By the way, I would like to share some exciting news about one of our 365ers who is beginning a wonderful new adventure in her life. Please check out this post on Kim's blog for all the details. I'm happy to tell you that she will be sponsoring a prize on a challenge very soon!

Ok, back to the current challenge~

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Day 106 - Super Sketchy Sunday

Welcome to Cosmo Cricket Week!

Before we get started, here is your Top Trio for the week:
1) Piali - with a fun and floral take on the sketch.
2) Heidi - for a sweet veggie card that we 'heart' too.
3) Audrey - for this sketch-based bold-colored beauty.

Thank you for sharing these wonderful creations!

Also, I must publicly acknowledge this card by Maz. She combined TWELVE 365 Challenges!! I think that deserves something other than card of the week, which Rose Miller so kindly created and posted on her blog.

How cool is that? No wonder I love this place!
And congratulations to those who have completed all the past week's challenges**:

~Chiara_francy, Sherry Ann, Linda B., Fi, Made by Mandy, Rae T., Rose Miller, Vickilyn, Maz, Wendi, Heidi Stock and NWFlamingo~

**If you have completed all the challenges, don't forget to post a link on each challenge, even if they are all in one post on your blog. It makes it easier for me to determine who has completed them all. Thanks :)
So shall we begin? Here is today's sketch along with the DT samples:








Thank you to Cosmo Cricket for providing us with paper and embellishments for this week's cards! If you would like details on the paper lines that we used on our cards, you can visit our individual blogs. Each day this week, your design team will feature a different kit, and I'll tell you all about it. One lucky winner will receive a fabulous prize at the end of the week, which I will show you tomorrow...

So here are the rules:

*For every challenge you complete this week, you will get an entry in the random drawing for a prize. You can earn up to SEVEN entries in the drawing.

*You do not need to complete every challenge in order to enter the drawing.

*Each card must be a new creation inspired by the challenge. Cards that are combined with challenges from other sites are acceptable.

*You have until 11:59 PM EST on Saturday, June 2oth to complete any of the challenges to enter into the drawing.

So let's get started~

Friday, June 12, 2009

Day 105 - Sing Along Saturday

And a favorite of mine, for sure. Let the song Rainbow Connection inspire your card. And to help you along, here is some music for your listening pleasure. I love this version from Jason Mraz, and I hope you do, too.

Get a playlist! Standalone player Get Ringtones

Here is how the song inspired Vicky:

A beautiful card with a sentiment to match!

Don't forget to link up your cards for the Crop Stop "Veggie card" challenge. I'll meet you back here tomorrow to announce that winner, and to begin a fun-filled Cosmo Cricket Week!!

Day 104 - Imagine This: Grass

Ah, summer is almost here in Washington, and I had the pleasure to mow the lush green grass yesterday! I love the smell of fresh cut grass, and Grass is exactly what I want you to use to inspire your card. As with past Imagine This challenges, you can use an image or just be inspired by an image.
Here is what Sophie came up with:

Now, I do believe this is actual paper (not a photo) and I love the addition of the butterfly!
**Remember, if you are participating in Jeannie's dragonfly challenge, you have until the end of today to get your card posted, and she'll draw a winner on Saturday.**
**If you are participating in the Crop Stop challenge, you have until the end of the day on Saturday.**
--By the way, did you know that you can buy as many dies and embossing folders as you would like, and they will ship for only $1 in the US and $2 in Canada? Get all the details here.
Okay - let's see some cards!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Day 103 - Card Recipe

I suspected that yesterday's would be quite the challenge, but I've seen some great combos so far!

I've also seen some gorgeous cards for the dragonfly/sketch challenge. And don't forget to link up your veggie-inspired cards for your chance to win a GC from Crop Stop!!

Now for today's challenge, which is another recipe. And here are the ingredients:

4.25 x 5.5 card
Solid Background
2 patterned papers
Stamped Sentiment
3 Jewels

Try to stick to only these ingredients to create your card. Let's see what Amy did with her card:

Oooh, pretty in pink! Thanks for a great example, Amy :)

Only three more days until Cosmo Cricket Week begins....

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Day 102 - Challenge Combo

What does that mean??

Well, by now we've had so many challenges, and lots of new participants, I thought it would be fun to go back and revisit some old favorites. So here's the challenge:

Combine three 365 challenges - one from March, one from April, and one from May. The challenges you combine are up to you, as long as there is one from each month.

Now, if you're fairly new to 365 Cards, this is a great opportunity to go back and try out some oldies.

Kristie is up today with her combo card:

Absolutely stunning, Kristie!

Here are the details:

March: Touchy Feely Friday - Distressing, paper piercing and dry embossing.

April: (Kristie used 2 challenges here) See Through Saturday - Base card is all clear and the bottom of the card has vellum and patterned paper sewn to it. Recycled Elements - Tissue paper poppies that the veterans handed out during a Memorial Day Parade.

May: Four Corners - Stitched in all corners.

Now it's your turn to make a combo card. And don't forget that we have TWO sponsored challenges this week, so check those out and join in if you haven't already!! Links to those can be found at the top of the sidebar.

Oh yeah, and Sunday marks the beginning of Cosmo Cricket Week...