Saturday, October 31, 2009

Day 245 - It's a Matter of Inches

Have you heard of inchies? Well, I hadn't until recently, and I thought this would make a fun challenge.

First of all, if you are new to the concept, check out this excellent resource. It helped me enormously when I was trying to figure out what they are!!

So, that's it, just make an inchie - either make it the card, or make one and put it on the card.

Vicky put hers on the card, check it out:

I can't wait to pop over to Vicky's blog to read all about how she created this card, because it is fab!

Have I mentioned yet that you should mark your calendars for a new sponsor coming November 8th-14th? More details coming after the weekend~

Oh yeah, and for those who are out there trick-or-treating today: HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Day 244 - You're so Transparent

Use at least 3 different items that are transparent to a degree - plastic, buttons, vellum - whatever you've got!

Here is Sophie's card:

The tag is cut from acetate ad the blue flourishes are vellum - sooooo pretty!

We're getting close to the end of the week and the end of October, which means there will be prizes galore to give away. Be sure to go on that blog hop - you'll find a link to the details at the top of the sidebar, and link up any cards you wish to complete for the month of October!

By the way - it has come to my attention that many of you have been going back and doing old challenges, which is totally COOL! However, the DT and I would love to see those cards, so please leave a comment anywhere - on a current post, in the chat box - so we can check them out!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Day 243 - Beautiful Bouquet

Now I know many, if not all of you have put flowers on your cards, but I'm looking for more of a bouquet - you know a bunch of flowers grouped together.

Large or small, patterned paper, stamps or fabric flowers, or any combinations of these will do just fine.

And here is Amy's lovely example:

I love the background you've chosen to display the card against, Amy! Beautifully done.

By the way, I just want to say thanks to all who have visited our blogs and left such sweet comments. We've enjoyed ourselves as well, and I do believe there will be another one in our future ;)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Day 242 - Ribbon Frenzy

I admit it, I'm a fan of ribbon on cards. Satin, grosgrain, patterned or plain, I love it all. So I challenge you to join the ribbon frenzy.

The Specifics: Use 7 different ribbons on your card in any way that you choose.

What?? That's going to be crazy, isn't it? Well.....not necessarily. Kristie's card is evidence that this can definitely work:

Isn't that fab? Kristie, this card is so stylish and fun!
Don't forget that our blog hop is still going on for the rest of the week~

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Day 241 - Put it on the List

Before I share today's challenge, I would like to acknowledge Tammy Wark for all of her contributions over the past several months. When I first started this blog, I wasn't sure how long the DT would stick around, and I was thrilled that they all have wanted to be around for so long. It has been a great pleasure working with all these ladies, and it's tough to say goodbye to Tammy. However, she assures me that she won't be a stranger, so I expect to see her playing along with the challenges from time to time!

Please join me in thanking Tammy for sharing her inspirational work. She is a very talented card maker, and a wonderful person, too :)

So what is today's challenge?

Create a list on your card in place of the sentiment - for example: "5 things I like about you."
Tammy cleverly decided to put a popular nursery rhyme on hers:

So sweet, and beautiful, too! I wish you all the very best, Tammy!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Day 240 - Pin-up

Thanks to all of you who have already joined us on our blog hop. We've had such fun sharing some personal tidbits with you and having you drop by our blogs for a visit.
Here is your Top Trio:
1) Hazel - For an elegant card inspired by some elegant fabric.
2) Kathy C. - Whose card proves that this color combo is more beautiful than wacky.
3) Kelly W. - For this soft and stunning take on the sketch.
And your Weekly Challenge All-Stars:
Rebecca, Doreen, Asarasota, Celeste, Robyn, Kim Mc, Beverly S., Shelia, and Kim (Kim's Cricut Creations)
Please let me know if I've missed your name on this list.

Today's challenge is to use a stick pin or safety pin with beads and/or charm/s on your card.

Font size And Gloria came up with this:

Beautiful card - and the pin and beads are a lovely touch!

Join us tomorrow as we bid farewell to Tammy~

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Day 239 - Super Sketchy Sunday

Let the 365 Cards Blog Hop Begin!

So here's how it works:

You'll start here by checking out today's sketch:

Now, normally I share the DT samples, but today we'd love for you to drop by our personal blogs and get to know us better. Then you'll get to see our cards and leave a comment.

If you leave one comment on each of our Sunday sketch card posts, your name will be entered into a random drawing for a Mac Mae Card Kit! I'll be giving two of them away at the end of the week. You will have until 11:59 PM EST on Saturday, October 31st to leave your comments.

ALSO, this week, we say goodbye to one of our fabulous DT members, Tammy Wark. Tammy's incredible talents will be missed. This Tuesday will be Tammy's last day sharing a card with us, so please be sure to stop by and help us honor her :)

There will be an opportunity for some guest designers in November, which means the DT and I will be keeping an eye on all of you 365ers out there who might just want a shot at filling one of those spots!

Now you can begin your hop by popping over to my blog.

See you there!

Day 238 - Fine Twine

Can you guess what this challenge is all about? Maybe you've used thread or embroidery floss, but what about twine? I think I actually have some buried in my stash that I've never used! So now would be the time to pull it out.

Here's what Vicky did with it:

That is so cool, Vicky - such a great use of the twine! And if you are handy with this stuff, and you use it all the time, then it might not be challenge, but we'd love to see your card anyway!!

See you back here tomorrow for our first ever 365 Cards Blog Hop~

Friday, October 23, 2009

Day 237 - Friday's Five

And the challenge is.......

Use FIVE different stamps on your card.

Sophie did an excellent job with her Halloween-themed card:

Any combination of stamps - sentiments, backgrounds, other images, all count as long as there are 5 on your card.

Two more days until we begin our 365 Blog Hop - it will be an opportunity to get to know us better, and maybe win a prize!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Day 236 - Pretty Paisley

The challenge: Use a Paisley pattern on your card. You can use background paper or a stamp - or anything, as long as it includes paisley.

Here's Amy's card:

Love that paper choice, and it's the perfect background for that stunning flower!

Let's see your pretty paisley now~

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Day 235 - Wacky Color Wednesday

In the past you've proven that the color combos I thought were a bit wacky actually worked beautifully - so let's see if you can do it again!

Today's Wacky Color Combo: RED - PURPLE - BROWN

As usual, Kristie brings the colors together fabulously:

The rules for this challenge aren't rigid, but try to stick to ONLY these three colors~

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Day 234 - Tuesday's Trio

This kind of challenge is fun because the trio on all the cards should be the same, but how you use them is remarkably different.

So here's your trio: Pearl - Tag - Ribbon

There should be at least one of each of these on your card. Here's how Tammy used the trio:

That is so clever to incorporate the pearls as the buttons on the snowman!

There are so many ways to use this trio - what will you come up with?

Monday, October 19, 2009

Day 233 - Favorite Fabric

And the winner of the Torendi prize is...........

Congratulations, Beverly, please email me here so I can get your prize mailed off to you ASAP!

Introducing your Top Trio:

1) Deanne - for an incredible interpretation of the sketch.
2) CraftBelle - for showing motion by creating wind through stitching.
3) Juanita - for this gorgeous color scheme card and all the effort that was put into creating it.
Congrats to you all - you are welcome to grab the Card of the Week blinkie from the sidebar for your blogs :)

And the Weekly Challenge All-Stars:

Chrissie, Shelia, Jaggs, Doreen, Beverly S., Rebecca, Linda B., Michele V., Rose Miller, Asarasota, Kim Mc., Kim (Kim's Cricut Creations), Donna, Robyn and Celeste

Well done! By the way, since I started doing the All-Star list on Monday's post, you will be acknowledged if you complete all the week's challenges by Sunday night :)

Today's challenge is about finding inspiration right in your home. Specifically, I want you to find a piece of fabric in your home (it could be from a curtain, quilt, sweater, whatever you can find) that you love. Take a photo of it and share the fabric that inspired your card. And just so there's no confusion, I'm not asking you to put any fabric on your card, just use it for inspiration.

Now if you've been following us for a while, then you'll know that our designer Gloria is a regular rule-breaker, and today's challenge is no exception (you know we love ya Gloria)! She tells me that she couldn't find any fabric at home that she liked, so she used the quilts in these photos:

And she created this stunner:

So look around you and see if you can find a piece of fabric that grabs you and see what you come up with!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Day 232 - Super Sketchy Sunday

Did you enjoy Torendi Week? If you participated this past week, then you are eligible to win these fabulous prizes from the Torendi shop:

Tomorrow I will announce the winner of the prizes above!

A few announcements:

1) The DT will host our first ever 365 Cards Blog Hop from October 25th-October 31st! We'll meet here on the 25th and I'll give you all the details at that time, which will include the mention of a prize or two.

2) I'll be posting a call for a Guest Designer for the Mackenzie Mae Card Kits very soon, so you won't want to miss those details!

3) One member of our very talented design team is resigning her position here at 365 Cards, and we'll be looking for someone to fill that spot. For now, we're looking for some guest designers for the month of November, and we'll go from there. I will give you a more detailed explanation about that later in the week.

For now, let's take a look at today's sketch and the DT cards:








Back tomorrow with a prize winner and our weekly acknowledgments!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Day 231 - Imagine This: The Sky

For this challenge, I want you to think about the sky and how it inspires you. Here is how it inspired Vicky:

Ahhhhhhhh - I can just picture blossoms blowing in the breeze on a warm summer day! Thanks, Vicky, I do "enjoy" this card.

I've noticed several new participants this week, and I want to welcome you to our 365 challenges! Thanks for joining us, I look forward to stopping by your blogs as I sneak a peek at all the cards in the galleries for the past week~

Friday, October 16, 2009

Day 230 - Shape Up!

The dominant shape for this challenge is a semi-circle. Put one big one or lots of little ones on your card - OR make it the shape of your card.

Sophie's is hard to miss, check it out:

Beautiful! Sophie used paper, rub-ons and ribbon from the Torendi kit. Tomorrow is our last day of Torendi Week, and don't forget to stop by their shop to use the 365 discount by Sunday night.

Sunday I will have some details about how you could become a guest designer for 365 Cards, our upcoming blog hop AND an opportunity to become a guest designer for a future Mac Mae Card Kit!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Day 229 - Color Scheme

Have you been over to the Torendi shop yet? If not, here's something to take with you when you go: a special discount for 365ers - Just type 365cards (no spaces or capitals) and get 15% off in the store until Sunday Night!

This week you've been seeing those wonderful papers from Cosmo Cricket in the Torendi kit, and I just love the color scheme, so I thought it would make a great color scheme challenge. Here are the colors and Amy's card to go along with them:

Amy used papers from the kit, and also that adorable ribbon, as well as a super cool Card Patterns sketch!

I'll be back tomorrow with a peek at the prize from Torendi~

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Day 228 - Same, but Different

And what is that title all about? I'll tell you in a minute...

First, let's talk about Torendi some more:

Torendi blinkie

Torendi means trendy in Japanese and that’s exactly what we want to be. We want to be the new, fun, fresh and exciting side of paper crafting. We want to show you new ideas and products from other countries and let you find ways to incorporate them into your own unique style. We want you to know that it’s ok to be you and break away from the “norms” of paper crafting. Be different, have fun, and shop for all your trend-setting needs!

And now back to today's challenge...

The Specifics: Your challenge is to use at least 2 papers that have the same pattern but are different in color.

Kristie did this by using two papers with the same pattern from the Cosmo Cricket Earth Love line that came from the Torendi kit.

Aside from the one requirement, anything goes, and this is a gorgeous design, Kristie! She also used rub-ons from the kit. For more details, check out her personal blog~

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Day 227 - In Motion

Have you ever tried to depict something in motion on your card? If not, then now's the time to give it a try.

There are all kinds of ways to do this if you think about it - dots or dashes behind a bug or bouncing ball, or maybe some exhaust behind a card.

Tammy used rhinestones to create this effect, check it out:

Once again, you're seeing papers and rub-ons from Torendi's shop, and also that lovely piece of ribbon. Have you stopped over there yet? If not, get on over there and also pop over to their blog~

Monday, October 12, 2009

Day 226 - So..........

Here's your Top Trio:

1) Itzuvit - who wove some ribbon into a gorgeous card.
2) Doreen - who used the two techniques to create a beautiful card with wonderful perspective.
3) Robyn - who cut out the jeans to create the adorable scarecrow on this cool card that was inspired by denim.

You are welcome to add the Card of the Week blinkie (which can be found over on the sidebar) to your blogs!

And the fabulous and amazing Weekly Challenge All-Stars:

Chrissie, Jaggs, Rose Miller, Jenny S., Shelia, Doreen, Robyn and Rebecca

As always, you wow me with your ability to keep up with the daily challenges!

Today's challenge is all about the sentiment - you must have the word "so" somewhere on your card.

Here's how Gloria incorporated it:

She used the sentiment from the E.A.D. Designs rub-ons, which is included in the Torendi October kit. And it's just a beautiful card overall!
More fun challenges to come...

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Day 225 - Super Sketchy Sunday

Torendi Week Has Officially Begun!!!!

Here are the rules:

1) Each card must be a new creation for the challenge under which it's posted.

2) Each card you create is considered a single entry into the random prize drawing which will take place at the end of the week. There will be 7 challenges during the week, so you can earn up to seven entries into the drawing.

3) You must link up your entries by Saturday, October 17th, 11:59 PM EST in order to have your entries count for the drawing.

4) You can combine the 365 challenges with challenges on other sites, but if you combine two 365 challenges, they will only count as a single entry.

5) Have fun!

Here's your Sunday Sketch and the DT cards:








I would like to thank Torendi for providing the design team some goodies from their October kit, which we'll feature on our cards all week! If you would like to know which items we've used on our cards, just hop over to our individual blogs to learn more...

I'll be sharing some more details about Torendi and the prize they've offered as the week goes on. Thanks 365ers for joining us, it's going to be a fun week with some cool challenges!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Day 224 - Two Techniques

I know many of you have already done a lot of layering on your cards, but now I want you to use it along with some fussy cutting to create a foreground/background image. Make sense? The idea is to use these techniques to create some perspective. If you often do this on your cards, you will be quite at ease with this challenge, but if not, then this is the time to give it a try.

Vicky did a great job with her example:

Essentially, it creates a scene, and a beautiful one at that! It's not necessary to raise the foreground image off the card, but it would create some nice dimension. It also helps that Vicky placed the plant and pumpkins below the table to create some perspective.

Don't sweat over this challenge, just give it a shot and see what you come up with~

Friday, October 9, 2009

Day 223 - In the Shadows

Starting on Sunday, we will welcome Torendi as our week-long sponsor! They recently opened their online store, and it's already filling up with lots of goodies. I'll give you complete details on Sunday's post.

On to today's challenge...

The Specifics: Create a shadow effect on your card.

Simple as that, and here is what Sophie created:

Isn't it lovely? And the sentiment reads "from the bottom of my heart" (thanks for the translation, Sophie!)

Okay now, let's see your shadows :)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Day 222 - Pick 5

For today's challenge, I want you to pick FIVE things to put on your card. That's it - patterned paper, embellishments, the sentiment - you must only pick 5 things (not counting the card stock base) to include on your card.

Amy's card is so bright and fun:

and here are her five:

3 different pattered papers
1 ribbon
1 stamped sentiment

Nice example, Amy!

So go pick 5 and show us your card~

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Day 221 - Imagine This: Denim

I think this will be a fun one - think "Denim" for this card. How did it inspire Kristie? You're going to love her card and want the details, I just know it - check it out:

That paper is gorgeous and the whole thing is amazing!

So how does denim inspire you?

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Day 220 - In Stitches

How do you feel about cross-stitching? Well, that's what I'm going to ask you to do. There doesn't have to be much, but if there are any cross-stitchers out there, we'd love to see what you can do on a card!

Here's what Tammy did with the challenge:

Beautiful sentiment and a beautiful job with the challenge, Tammy!

Now let's see what you can do~

Monday, October 5, 2009

Day 219 - In and Out

Here's your Top Trio:

1)Quirky - for this sketch-inspired card rich in beauty and detail.
2)Robyn - who didn't just use fringe on two sides, she used it all over this fab card.
3)Donna - for a stunning representation of the 4 elements.

And the Weekly Challenge All-Stars:

Donna, Jaggs, Jenny S., SAM, Rebecca, Rose Miller, Celeste, Kim Mc, Robyn
If I missed anyone who should be on this list, please let me know :)
So what does that title mean??

It means I want you to try some weaving on your card. It creates such a beautiful effect, just look at Gloria's card:

You must click on the image for a close-up - or better yet, pop over to Gloria's blog for details!

You can do the whole background, an image, whatever you wish, as long as there is weaving involved~

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Day 218 - Super Sketchy Sunday

Are you ready for today's sketch? Here it is:

Every week, not only do the designers have a day when they present their take on a challenge, but they also come up some incredible interpretations of the Sunday sketch. I never tire of seeing what they come up with, and here they are:








Are you interested in being a Guest Designer for 365 Cards? Well you just might get your chance! I will have details for you in a couple of weeks...