Thursday, December 31, 2009

Day 306 - Digging Deep

If you are like me (and I know many of you out there are!) you love to add to your stash. My home away from home is definitely the craft store!! So this means that buried underneath all that new stuff I buy, I stumble across something I've never used but can't bear to part with. Has this happened to you? Well, now's your chance to put it to use.

Dig into that stash and find something that you have never used but can't seem to get rid of. Now put it on your card!!!

Here's Amy's card:

The white foam embellishment has finally found a home on Amy's card! And she did it with a flourish (or 3) *wink*.

So dig deep into that stash and find that something that has been waiting for this challenge :)

If you are celebrating today, I wish you safe and happy New Year's Eve!! See you back here in 2010...

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Day 305 - Divide and Conquer

Okay - this is a complicated one...

It's about dividing your card into quadrants - there should be 4 equal parts and each quadrant should contain one of the following:

1 stamped sentiment
1 punched out item
1 floral embellishment
1 rhinestone

And there should be no overlap of items from quadrant to quadrant (but items within a quadrant can overlap). Also, using the rhinestone as an example, you can have several of them if you wish, but they can only be in one quadrant.

Too confusing?? I hope not - and it definitely falls into the category of a challenge!

Here is Kristie's:

Well done, Kristie, you've mastered this challenge!!
So basically, if you can properly divide the elements on your card according to the rules, you will have conquered the challenge.
And now I'm running for cover in case anyone wants to throw tomatoes!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Day 304 - Sounds Great

Today's challenge is extra special because it is brought to you by 365 Cards reader and regular participant, Tammy Frayne! Tammy used a CD cover as inspiration for a card and shared it with me. Well, it was such a great idea, I asked her to be a guest designer for us on this challenge.

Here's a little bit about Tammy:

I've been into crafting since I was a child, but got into scrapbooking 6 years ago when I was looking for something different for my wedding photos. I've dabbled with card making in the past, but really only got into it this fall when I discoverd the Blogging world. I still love to scrapbook, but since I'm on maternity leave from teaching with my 6 month old son (and 3 year old son), I find card making a lot easier to squeeze in. I'm ALL about using my scraps and repurposing things for my cards (call me a card-making tree-hugger); for example, the yellow paper I used in this card was from an envelope I received in the mail. I look for inspiration everywhere (including so many great blogs); I only dream that others may find inspiration in my work as well!

Here is the CD cover that she used for her card:

And Tammy's card:

And of course, since it is Tuesday, Audrey has shared her card inspired by the above image:

Two wonderful cards - both absolutely captured the fresh, bright look oAlign Centerf the image!! Thanks Audrey and Tammy for the inspiration.

If you have a moment, stop by Tammy's blog and check out her other fabulous creations!
If you wish to play along, all you need to do is using the Glee CD image above as inspiration :)

Monday, December 28, 2009

Day 303 - With a Flourish

Here's your Top Trio:

1) Clare - For truly bringing back Spring.
2) Lois - For creating a wreath using a very cool technique.
3) Maricar - For not one, but 3 adorable little snowflakes.

You can grab the COTW blinkie from the sidebar for your blogs!

And the Weekly Challenge All-Stars:

Rose M., libeeti, and Linda B.
Well done ladies!!

To meet the requirements for today's challenge, you need to add at least 3 flourishes to your card. They can be stamps, rubons, patterned paper, etc.

Here is Gloria's love-themed card:

Beautiful and romantic!
So now it's time to create your card, this time with a flourish (or three!!!).

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Day 302 - Super Sketchy Sunday

Here's your Sunday sketch:

And the Design Team samples:








Wow - such a variety in themes, colors and patterns this week! I can't wait to see what you all come up with!!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Day 301 - I'm Torn...

...but in a good way!

Because it's a very simple challenge. All you have to do is some tearing on your card. It can be the cardstock itself, or patterned paper. It counts as long as some of the paper is torn. Vicky created a winter wonderland on her card, complete with glitter. Check it out:

This (almost!) makes me wish there were some snow on the ground -- beautiful, Vicky!

Back tomorrow with the Sunday sketch, and our last week of challenges for 2009!!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Day 300 - Let it Snow


Can you believe we're at Day 300?? I guess time flies when you're having fun!
So, here's my gift to easier challenge (I think)
Create a paper snowflake and put it on your card. Doesn't that sound like fun? My daughters have covered the windows with paper snowflakes, and that's how I came up with this one.

Here's is Sophie's:

I love this! And the best part is that it is truly unique!!
It doesn't have to be a card with a Christmas theme -- it just needs a snowflake.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Day 299 - Keep it to Yourself: Holiday Card

~Happy Christmas Eve~

So I know I just had a "Bring Back Spring" challenge, but I think this will still be fun even with all the Christmas, Hannukah and other seasonal cards that you've all been making.

As with all previous "Keep it to Yourself" challenges, do not put the message on the outside of the card. In fact, it doesn't require a sentiment at all, but if you wish to add one keep it on the inside of the card for this one.

So, create a card with a Holiday theme, making it clear on the front what you wish to convey without actually saying it with words.

Here's Amy's card:

Really, truly this card needs no additional message. The giant snowflake says it all - and it's a beauty, Amy!!
Now it's your turn to create a card, and Keep it to Yourself.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Day 298 - Running in Circles

How's this for a challenge:

Put a minimum of TEN circles on your card and try to avoid overlap as much as possible.

It might seem quite challenging, but as usual Kristie makes it look easy. Check out her card:

And she has FIFTEEN little circles! Now before you panic because you don't own a circle punch -- remember, you can find/create circles lots of different ways ;)

We've had some new folks joining in with us the past few weeks, so welcome and thanks for joining in the fun!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Day 297 - Bring Back Spring

We're getting an overload of seasonal cards and challenges inspired by the Holidays.
Don't get me wrong, I love cards with a wintry theme, but I'm dreaming of no more rain and LOTS of sunshine to brighten my days!!

So now, I want to see a Spring/Summer theme running throughout the card, giving no hint that it is currently December.

For Audrey, love is in the air, check it out:

Super sweet, Audrey, and a nice change of pace!
So it's kind of an anything goes kind of challenge - except NO WINTER/HOLIDAY themes!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Day 296 - Make a Wreath

Catchy title, isn't it? I couldn't think of anything more clever...

Before I tell you more, here is your Top Trio:

1) Tesa B. - For a song-inspired candle card that you must read all about.
2) Wendi - For this sketch card that absolutely reflected its sentiment.
3) Janice - For a color scheme card with several different elements that came together beautifully.

And those amazing Weekly Challenge All-Stars:

Ingrid, Rose, Linda B., and libeeti

With Christmas just around the corner, I'm seeing wreaths everywhere - so why not on our cards?
So that's the challenge: Create a wreath on your card...but there's a catch (of course!). It doesn't count if you use a stamp of a wreath or patterned paper with wreaths on it. Get creative with this, and don't feel it has to be any kind of traditional wreath. ALSO, this does not have to be a Christmas wreath. I hang wreaths on my front door for a number of seasons and holidays, how about you?

Let's see Gloria's card:

Gloria, it's beautiful and sooooo creative!!

She used punches to make the wreath, and you can get all the details on her blog.
So give it a try and remember it can be of any theme, as long as it is formed into a wreath!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Day 295 - Super Sketchy Sunday

Here's your Sunday Sketch:








We can't wait to see what you come up with for this one!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Day 294 - Imagine This: Fire

Imagine this: A nice cozy and warm fire in the fireplace...ahhh, sounds pretty nice to me! I suppose you might also think of the flame on a flickering candle.

Vicky chose the former, and it is fabulous:

I love the flames in the fireplace!! Perhaps you will be inspired in some other way. You don't have to create "fire" on your card, just show us how it inspires you.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Day 293 - Color Scheme

So who else has been busy getting ready for the upcoming Holiday celebrations? I know it's probably hard to find the time to settle down at your scrap table and play along, so we sure appreciate you hanging in there with us during this busy time!
Today we bring you a color scheme challenge. I was thinking about some color combos we haven't tackled yet, and I came up with these lovely colors:

And wouldn't you know it, Sophie had the PERFECT paper to go with this color scheme, circles (or rather, ovals) and all!!

It's beautiful, Sophie!

I think this card is Sophie's way of saying you are all "welcome" to play along ;)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Day 292 - Ad Inspired

It's Amy's turn to present us with an ad to inspire, and this is the one she chose:

I do believe this is at the top of my list of favorite cards that Amy has create here at 365 Cards:

It just speaks to me, and I think it says "fun".... okay, but seriously, I LOVE it, Amy!! It just makes me feel happy when I see it.
I know I've asked this question before, but how does this ad inspire your card?

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Day 291 - Card Recipe

You know you secretly love 'em, so how about another card recipe?

Here are the ingredients:

Gift Tag - any size
1 Ribbon
8 Rhinestones and/or pearls
1 Sentiment (in any form)
1 piece of patterned paper (any size)
2 Buttons

Special Instructions:
No stamping (other than the sentiment if you wish)
No other embellishments

Personally, I consider a gift tag a card, so I figured it was time to incorporate one into a challenge.

Here is Kristie's take on the challenge:

And she did it - all the ingredients are there and it's lovely!

Come on and play with us - this recipe has got to be a lot easier (and less messy) than the dozens of cookies so many of us are making right about now!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Day 290 - Tuesday's Trio

Ready for a Tuesday Trio Challenge? Here ya go -

Chipboard (anything that's chipboard-based) - Blossom - Button
-You can use any quantity of these 3 things as long as there is at least one of each on your card.

Audrey's trio is a chipboard frame, a blossom and some buttons and it is gorgeous!!

As we fast approach 2010, I am working on some changes here at 365 Cards (all good, I promise) and we've already lined up several fabulous sponsors, so keep your eye on us!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Day 289 - Musical Monday

A fun challenge for today, but first, here's your Top Trio:

1) Scarlett - for a fun and festive take on a difficult sketch.
2) Linda B. - who really made the most out of the 5 items she had to work with for this card.
3) IRIT - for an adorable quilled snowman.

And your Weekly Challenge All-Stars:

Rose M., Linda B., and Cin
Thanks to everyone who participated in any of the challenges last week. It was a week of tough ones, and I was thrilled to see that many people took on those that were the hardest!
I've done several challenges in the past, and will do more in the future, that ask you to base your card on a song that I choose. But what if you could choose your own? Which one would it be?
Gloria chose the 12 Days of Christmas for hers and I do believe I see a partridge in a pear tree:

You can use the song you select simply as a source of inspiration, or you can include an excerpt of it on your card. Either way, we'd love to hear how it inspired your card!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Day 288 - Super Sketch Sunday

First, a winner of the November monthly prize...

Congrats to ROSE M. for completing all the challenges last month. You are the lucky recipient of a Cosmo Cricket Double Deck Earth Love/Boyfriend paper pad! Rose, contact me with your mailing address please, and I will get that right off to you.

Now, are you ready for today's sketch? Here it is:








Have fun!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Day 287 - Stampin' Saturday

Let's me first say congratulations to Rose, libeeti, and Linda B. for completing ALL the challenges last month! If there is anyone else who should be added to the list, please let me know by the end of today, at which time I will randomly draw a winner for the monthly prize.

Well, you probably figured out from the title of this post, that there's stamping involved :)

In this case, it's ALL about stamping.

Here are the details:

Every aspect of the card must be stamped - no patterned paper (although you don't have to create a fancy stamped background), and you must have a stamped sentiment. No other embellishments unless you stamp those, too - like a DIY sort of thing.

The point of this challenge? You just might find that you rely on patterned paper and embellishments to finish of your card (I know I do). So this answers the question: What if all you could do is stamp?

Here is Vicky's answer to that question:

If I didn't know better, I'd think that's patterned paper on your card, Vicky - Well done!!

So what will you come up with only stamps and solid paper allowed?

Friday, December 11, 2009

Day 286 - White Space

So how about a white space challenge? Well here it is:

By white space, I mean "blank space" - Keep your embellies, sentiment, and other decorations in the black areas on your card.

Sophie's is very elegant, check it out:

These white space challenges require simplicity, I think, and yet as Sophie has demonstrated, it can be quite stunning.
By the way, did you notice that I completely forgot to acknowledge a monthly winner for November? With everything going on at the end of last month it completely slipped my mind. But better late than never! So I will review the participants from last month and determine who completed the most challenges, which I will share on tomorrow's post.
Until then, there is quilling, sketching, and some white space to take care of *wink, wink*

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Day 285 - A Certain Sentiment

Well, I hope this challenge is considerably easier for those of you whose heads are spinning from the previous days' challenges!

It's about including a certain sentiment on your card. Use the word "Peace" as the entire sentiment or as a part of the sentiment.

This time of year it seems a fitting word to include on a card, and here is how Amy incorporated into her card:

It makes such a bold statement on this card! By the way, Amy used elements from the Happy Holly-days card kit I just released a few days ago, so pop over there and check it out.

So take a breather from the tough challenges this week and try to find some "peace" in doing this challenge :)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Day 284 - DIY: Sketches

Alright, to all of you sassy ladies over in the chat box who are plotting against me - I will NOT be deterred (insert evil laugh here)!! I'm almost afraid to give you this next challenge, but here it is (ducking for cover now)...

It's a Do-it-Yourself challenge:

Design your own sketch and create a card based on that sketch.

If you already do this, then we'd love to see one of your sketches. One way to do this is to take a card of your own design and create a sketch from it. If it's a card you especially love, then you can create a template for yourself to create one like it again and again.

This doesn't have to be fancy; you can draw it by hand or create it digitally.

Here's Kristie's sketch and her card to go with:

If you would like to read about Kristie's creative process concerning this card, stop by her blog for all the details!