Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day 326 - Card Recipe

These are always fun aren't they? Okay, well they're challenging, at least :)

Here are the ingredients:

4.25x5.5 card
4x4 piece of patterned paper
2x2 piece of patterned paper
3 buttons
1 ribbon

Here's Kristie's finished "recipe":

Well done, Kristie! It's not an easy one since I got pretty specific, but I know you can do it ;)


TesaB said...

This was a tough one! I'm amazed Kristie did such an awesome job with it!

Jammie said...

This was hard, I agree. I really need to invest in more patterned paper!!!!

Gail said...

That was hard today.Kristies made it look so easy.

Lena said...

This sounded hard but I was suprised how fast i whipped up a card