Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Day 332 - The 3 R's

Ready for another set of 3?

Here are the 3 R's: Red, Rhinestone, and Rick Rack

There should be red on your card, at least one rhinestone and some rick rack. Audrey hit us with another stunner, check it out:

Even though I've gotten specific on those elements that you must include on your card, you can still there lots of room for creativity!

By the way, did I mention that next week is another sponsored week? Well it is, and I will have details for your soon...


jammie said...

What's a girl to do when she has only one of the 3 R's (rickrack, rhinestone, and red)??? she's forced to get creative. I only had the "red" part of the 3 R's so I had to make my own rickrack out of paper #we are papercrafting here right?#, and find something that was bedazzled with rhinestones. I found this pen and figured I'd make this card a gift!!! I love Egyptian stuff, and who better to give away a golden pen, than King Tut himself?!?! Hope you like it!

Paula.Crafty Cow said...

Thanks for setting the challenge.
Doing this challenge helped me look through my crafting gear to find things to use.
Many thanks enjoyed been involved.

Lena said...

I finally got my 3 R's done and loaded! Hope you like

Gwen said...

I got my Three R's poseted.