Monday, March 22, 2010

Day 22 - Movie Monday

Happy Monday!! Here is your Top Trio:

1) Melanie - For creating this clever "noisy" card while re-using a container.
2) Pia - For a stunning vintage take on the sketch.
3) Tracey - For so beautifully capturing elements from the ad.
Congrats and well done! You may grab the Card of the Week blinkie over in the sidebar if you wish :)
And now for the fabulous Weekly Challenge All-Stars:
Doreen, Debbi F., Lumberjack Jan, Heather B., Kim O'Rear, Melisa, Melanie, Jammie, A Beannie Creation, Hannah S., Lee Ann, Margie, Shelly Harris, Gail, Tracey, Christina, Kajikit, Michelle Nist, and Linda B.
Wow!! I think that's a record - well done to all of you!!!! And please let me know if I missed anybody.
On to today's challenge...
When I started seeing posters and other advertisements for the new Alice in Wonderland movie, I new it would make a great challenge. This poster in particular is quite eye-catching:

Your task is to use the poster above, or anything about the movie (or if you prefer, you can use the animated version) to inspire your card.
Gloria found this image of the Mad Hatter and created a wonderful card with a vintage feel:

Isn't that perfect?
The possibilities are endless for this challenge. You don't need to use an image from Alice, just let something about it guide your card, and please share with us what inspired you.
I just want to say how thrilled I am (as is the DT) that there are so many (and lots of new!) participants. Just a reminder that we appreciate direct links to the blog post that contains your card for a given challenge. If you do several 365 Card challenges at one time and want to post them in one blog post, that's great - just be sure to add a link for that post to all the challenges that are included. It helps me when I figure out the Weekly Challenge All-Stars.
Do you enjoy sponsored weeks? I hope so, because we've got one coming up starting next Sunday!!
Back tomorrow with some more inspiration from Audrey...


sandra said...

Oh! I LOVE this challenge!!! Love Alice in Wonderland! I can't participate right now.. but really looking forward to what all the others are going to create!!

Shelley said...

Fantastic challenge and gorgeous sample card. Thanks for the challenge and inspiration.
Hugs Shelley xx

Tracey said...

thanks so much for pickingmy card!! yay!! and cant' wait to do this challenge...i loved that movie, it was GREAT!!!

Paper Yoga said...

I made a Mad Hatter card with my Cricut a couple of weeks ago and was so glad to find this challenge.

The Bijeau Family said...

Oh me, oh my...this was a challenge indeed! Great cards ladies..thanks for the inspiration!

Pias Scrap och Doodling said...

Thank you for picking my card! I´m truly honoured! :) /Pia

Susan said...

Your blog is fabulous and interesting and very unique. I really have enjoyed reading it. I have no idea how to do your craft, but I certainly do admire your work.

Sara and Co said...

Talk about fun! I just completed all seven challenges for this week! :) Woo hoo! Thanks, Ladies!

Warmly, Sara