Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day 177 - Color 4 Ways

Today's challenge is to add color to your card in at least 4 different ways, other than through the use of solid color or patterned paper.

This was a challenge for me, since I love to use patterned paper to add color to a stamped image. Here's my card:

Other ways I added color are: staining (around the edges), sponging on ink, coloring with markers, computer toner, and watercolor paints. It's hard to see the painting, but I used a baby blue color over the sentiment that I printed out on watercolor paper. Then I used a circle punch to pop them out of the paper.

A challenge like this can really make you conscious of how you decorate your card with color. It was fun to step out of my comfort zone and get creative.

I hope you'll give this challenge a try and share other ways you can add color to your cards!


Pauline said...

Hi...I'm Pauline... long time follower, first time challenger. Yay! I finally got one up and running here! And I can't believe that I'm the first one to join in the challenge, or the first to leave a comment! I'll be back!
hugs from Australia,

Catherine Pooler said...

I did it!
Thanks for the inspiration!

wendyp said...

fun challenge! thanks!

BJ said...

Not entering but wanted to say I love the Santa card :0)

Amber said...

Love your card. Such a fun challenge.

Sharanda said...

The Santa card is cute! I look forward to this challenge...something to help me to think out of the box. :)