Monday, May 23, 2011

Day 84 - Monday Prompt

Okay, that's a weird sounding challenge right?  Well, what it means is that all week long I'm going to throw a word atcha, and you have to just roll with it.  We want to see what you come up with when we give you a random word.

So up today is Heidi with her card and the word of the day is


And here's what Heidi came up with

Oh yes, there are some ruffles right there on that fabulous image from Sparkle Creations!  Nice work coloring in that image, Heidi :-)

So take that word and run with your creativity straight to your scrappy place and see what you come up with...


creativeseconds said...

Great idea for a challenge and a wonderful example Heidi :)
I went right to the lace bin for my "ruffle"

Cheryl said...

Great challenge! I love the image on that sample!

Jammie said...

Oh girls.... This is going to be awesome!!!! Please chck out my card today and try NOT to laugh... sometimes I get into that "special coffee" stash and I get a little full of myself! Hope you are all enjoying the sun!

Lena said...

loved this challenge

GrannyGoodwitch said...

A chance to make a frilly card. Thanks for the challenge.