Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day 134 - Tuesday Collage Card

We've got some winners for you!

Congrats to Nelle AKA Hobbydraken!!!!

Please contact me HERE to claim your prize.

And here are some fabulous Spotlight Designers

and congrats for a job well done to

Studio Sara


Granny Goodwitch

for completing each and every challenge from last week!!

Today's collage card must include the following three things

Buttons, Rick Rack, and Pearls

And here's Audrey's card for the challenge

Beautiful card!

And now let's see what you can do with these items...


Ycats said...

gosh darnit! anouther one that I don't have those things >< might have to drop out of these for a week... :( I have sooooo few supplies that I can't really enter....

Hobbydraken said...

I´m jumping up and down of joy couse I won :D
I mail you ASAP

Alanna said...

I don't have ric-rac :(

Sammibug said...

Thanks for spotlighting me! Whoo Hoo!

JennyH said...

Thanks to my Mum I have an old bag of lace, ribbons, ric-rac etc and a tin of old buttons that have come in very handy for this challenge.

Just Me said...

Am I too late for this? I hope not.

Kathy D. said...

So glad I was able to play today! Thanks for the inspiration

GrannyGoodwitch said...

Thanks for the challenge.