Friday, September 16, 2011

Day 200 - The Utility Drawer

Do you have one of these in the house?  I sure it, and it gets messy fast because it collects every little thing that I don't have a place for.

Well, who would have thought that it would also become the source of card decor?  It is for this challenge!

So here's what you do....

Head to that utility drawer, or your equivalent, and pluck something out of there for your card.

Jennifer used a bottle cap on her card


And she managed to get around the rule by using a bottle opener to nab that cap - very clever....

So what sorts of things do you have in your utility drawer?  Let's see it on your cards...


Jennifer {jennifer-g} said...

The other choice was a birthday candle, if anyone is really stumped for ideas!

Mrs. Miles said...

Good idea Jennifer - wish I'd seen that idea before. This was fun though and I did find something. Good challenge.

Thank you