Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day 31 - A Piece of Poetry

I've got another badge for you!  If you've been chosen as a Spotlight Designer you've had a badge available to you (over in the sidebar), and now you've got another:

As you can see from this and the other new badges, I like to keep things clean and simple :-)

A smaller version of this one is also available in the sidebar.

And now for today's challenge...

Let's see some poetry on your cards.  You can use the whole thing or just one verse, but be sure to give credit to the author. 

Here's a peek at the poem that Hannah chose for her card:

And here's a look at the card:

Adorable!  Such a sweet image from Digi Doodle Shop, and the poem fits beautifully with it.

Now it's your turn to find a piece of poetry and add it to your card.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 30 - Mix and Match

I've got another badge to share with you!  Here's a little 365 Cards trivia for you - there are 2 people who have completed at least one full year of challenges.  One of them has completed all the challenges from the past 2 years - um, WOW!!!

Did you guess who?  Well I won't keep you wondering.  Well done to Linda B for completing 730 challenges!!!  The other one year card maker is none other than our very own designer Rose Miller!

Here's an extra special badge, just for you:

There's a smaller version over in the side bar.

I've updated yesterday's post with winners from last week, so be sure to check that out.  And thanks to Nelle (aka Hobbydraken) for letting me know that clicking on the individual posts will bring up the links - I hope to figure out why that is the case, but at least I was able to view the cards.

Today's challenge is to "Mix and Match" manufacturers.  Do you ever find that you tend to lean towards one more than another when choosing patterned paper, stamps, ink, embellies, so that your card is primarily made up of one manufacturer's products?  If so, then this is definitely the challenge for you.

Specifically: Use products from at least 5 different manufacturers.

Here's what Kim came up with:

There's that gorgeous bonnet image from Digi Doodle Shop.  To read all about the other manufacturers she chse, head over to Kim's blog for all the details!

More badge fun coming up tomorrow...

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day 29 - Signature Sentiment

We have a winner from Sassy Studio Designs Week...
Congrats to
Please email me here to claim your prize.
Here are your Spotlight Designers:

And a round of applause please for our Weekly Challenge All-Stars:

Dale T.
Heather Az
Granny Goodwitch

Did I miss anybody?  Never hesitate to let me know!

I am super excited to share a badge with you:

If you've completed one entire month of challenges, you are welcome to add this to your blog -- because it is a BIG DEAL to complete that many days of challenges!!  I'm not going to get picky about the precise moment you completed those challenges, so go back in time and pick up some old challenges to get the task done.  For the smaller version, I've placed it conveniently at the top of the side bar.

More fun badges to come in the next few days!

So let's check in with Audrey and her card for today's challenge -- I had two titles in mind for the challenge, and you can see above which one won out.  I was also thinking "Express Yourself" would work, too.  But I felt that "Signature Sentiment" was a more fitting title for this one.

Lately my girls have been using the expression "Dude!" to preface every other statement (kinda cute from a 4 year-old and a 7 year-old), which is how this challenge was born.

Do you have a signature expression that you use?  Or perhaps you'd like to create a card with someone who does.  Either way, that should be the sentiment on your card.

Audrey chose "Cheers", a common expression in England, as her signature sentiment  And what's not to like about such a happy word??

Here's how it appears on her card:

Wow this card is beautiful!  That adorable owl just pops on this card.

I have no doubt you'll come up with some great sentiments for this challenge...

Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 28 - You Inspire Me

Have you ever made a card and thought, "That reminds me of someone"?  Certain patterns and colors, or perhaps a stamp with a cute or sassy sentiment, might suit the personality of a special person in your life. 

Well, that's what this challenge is all about.  You don't have to make the card for that person, just use him/her as inspiration.

I'll share Heidi's card with you today, and then you can head over to her blog for all the details on the source of her inspiration:

Beautiful, I looking forward to reading all about it on her blog.

So, what do you think of the new header??  We are still getting a lot of rain here in the Pacific NW, but every now and then some sunshine peeks through the clouds and gives us a rainbow.

More fun surprises coming up tomorrow...

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day 27 - Super Sketchy Sunday

A new week, a new sketch, so let's get started...

We've got some Design Team examples, with a double from Wendi (and they both rock!!) and one from me:





Card #1

Card #2

And on all of our cards you'll see a digi image from this week's sponsor Digi Doodle Shop.

These are some of the best images around -- there's really something for everybody, and we'll be featuring these great digis on our cards all week long!! 

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Day 26 - ABC's of Crafting: STW

From the remaining letters of the alphabet, I chose S, T, & W and here's your challenge:

S as in Stitching
T as in Toile
W as in White

And if last week's card was any indication, you know DoBea has a great example today:

See what I mean? And that image is adorable!

So perhaps you're thinking "White?? That's not a challenge".  But I know for those who don't often use much white, it's sort of like leaving a canvas blank.  I know it's hard for me to leave a lot of white cardstock untouched. 

So tomorrow we'll be back with a sketch and a new sponsor!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Day 25 - ABC's of Crafting: PQR

Hmmm....when would the letter Q be appropriate for crafting?  When we're talking about Quilting, of course!  That's one of the letters, but here they all are:

P as in Polka Dots
Q as in Quilting
R as in Red

Do you actually have to quilt a fancy pattern?? can, or if you have paper with a quilt patterrn, that will work, too. 

I think once you take a look at Jennifer's gorgeous card, you'll be inspired:

Wow -  And such a beautiful image from Sassy Studios!!

One more day of this fun week left...

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day 24 - ABC's of Crafting: MNO

Nope, you're not imagining things, I really did skip ahead a few letters.  I figured with 26 letters in the alphabet, I could drop a couple here and there :-)

So today's letters are M, N, and O...

M as in Marker
N as in Number
O as in Orange

Hannah really embraced the color for this challenge, and she incorporated it beautifully in her card:

And such a great sentiment to go with that image from Sassy Studios!

I've gotten lots of great feedback about this past week's challenges.  It really is fun to throw a theme week in every now and again.

Oh, and I should mention that since we've got so many people playing along every day, week after week, we should have a badge celebrating those who complete a month's worth of challenges, dontcha think??  So when I reveal the Spring blog design, I will also release that badge. 

Well, that's about it for today, so get scrappy!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 23 - ABC's of Crafting: GHI

Are you enjoying the ABC's of Crafting?  I know I'm enjoying seeing what you come up with!

Here are our letters for today...

G is for Grosgrain
H is for Heart
I is for Ink

You can use these things in any amount, as long as they are included on your card.

Here's Kim's example:

I think I "love" the bright colors on this card - they work beautifully with that image!

So let's see what you come up with for this G-H-I challenge...

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 22 - ABC's of Crafting: DEF

We've got a winner for last week's prize from sponsor Digis With Attitude...

Congrats to Maranda!!!

Please email me here so we can make arrangments for you to receive your prize.

Here's our fab group of Spotlight Designers

Such creativity this past week - we really enjoyed all the cards in the gallery!!

Here are your Weekly Challenge All-Stars

Dale T
Granny Goodwitch

Way to go and thanks for sharing your wonderful cards every day this past week!

And now for the ABC's of the day.

I chose these items for the letters D, E, and F:

D as in Distressed
E as in Envelope
F as in Fringe

Audrey really created a beauty for this challenge:

See what I mean?  Gorgeous!  And here's a look at just the tag:

So clever to put that envelope right on the card.

As with all the challenges this week, there is a lot of room for creativity.  I don't add a lot of description on any of the items to be included on your cards so that you have a lot of freedom to interpret the challenge for yourself.

Have fun with this one, and we'll be back tomorrow with 3 more letters...

Monday, March 21, 2011

Day 21 - ABC's Of Crafting: ABC

I just love to throw in a theme week every now and then.  This week we're doing the ABC's of Crafting, which means I'll give you 3 crafty items/techniques associated with 3 specific letters of the alphabet to use on your card.

Today we'll start with A, B, and C...

A as in Alphabet Stickers/Stamps
B as in the color Blue
C as in Circle

And how does it work?

All you have to do is include one or more of these things listed above to your card.  As far as the color is concerned, you can use it in any amount as long as it's there somewhere on the card.

Here's Heidi's example (Welcome back Heidi!!):

Okay, that is too cute for words - I am lovin' the bunny ears peeking up from the bottom!

By the way, we've had lots of new people participating and sometimes sounding concerned that your cards aren't quite meeting the requirements of the challenges.  Mostly they are designed to get your creative juices flowing, and as long as you don't stray to much from the requirements they will totally count for drawings and such!  The most important thing is that you feel inspired, and you'll notice that occasionally our DT members get a bit rebellious  :-) 

I'm working on the Spring blog design, so watch for that to happen before the week is up...

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Day 20 - Super Sketchy Sunday

Let's get started with a sketch:

And some Design Team cards:





And now to introduce our newest Sunday Sketch Team designer...

Welcome to the team Annie Ling!!!

Hiya everyone! I am Annie from Malaysia! I am so thrilled to be part of 365cards Design Team, its really a dream come true. I just love crafting, blogging and enjoy seeing & constantly in awe of everyone's wonderful, diverse and gifted creations.So glad to be part of this fabulous team.
Started seriously crafting and blogging slightly over a year ago, 365 cards is my *first love* card challenge blog. I  just love the way Pam and the team continues to create wonderful daily challenges that never fail to inspire me to improve my card making skills, constantly go beyond my comfort zone and try new and fun themes. 
I am so excited to continue to ride this creative and fun journey with all of you .... hugs...

We're so glad to have you on the team, Annie!
Here's her take on the sketch:

Annie's card, along with the rest of the DT, features an image from this week's sponsor Sassy Studio Designs.

Let me tell ya, these are some of the cutest digi images out there, with just the right amount of sass - such fun, and lots more coming up the rest of the week...

Day 19 - Imagine This: A Crush

It's time to introduce another new member of the team...

  Welcome to DoBea Alberts!!!

My name is DoBea Alberts and I am from the chilly upper Midwest. I started making cards in 1998 and scrapbooking in 2001. I have always been creative in some way, either writing, drawing, beading, and then moving on to papercrafting. I am fully addicted now! I have an extremely wonderful husband who always ooohs and aaahs at the right time, and two beautiful girls who keep me super busy. I am excited to be able to share what I do with you all and look forward to pushing myself out of the box with the challenges.
DoBea, we are so glad to have you on the team, and you've already gotten off to a great start with today's challenge!
Crushes are fun and sweet....okay, sometimes bittersweet, but that's what should inspire your card.  You can use a sentiment or images to depict this.

Here is DoBea's card:

So soft and beautiful - and how about that stunning blossom??

This card should provide a wonderful source of inspiration for you!

Tomorrow we're back with a sketch, another sponsor, and a new Sketch Team designer...

Friday, March 18, 2011

Day 18 - 3x3 times 3

We have a sweet little challenge for you today, but first...

On behalf of the rest of the Design Team, I would like to welcome Jennifer Greco to the team!!!

Hi, I'm Jennifer!  I live outside of Madison, WI with my family; two little boys, one significantly bigger boy, and one very spoiled cat. In most forum sites you can find me as {jennifer-g} because I'm just that much of an outside-the-box thinker!  ha!  My days are split between being a SAHM and being the Environmental Manager for a large ready-mix concrete company; and my nights are spent creating.  I have been stamping, scrapping, and covering all sorts of things with glitter for over ten years, and I will never stop! I love all things crafty - it keeps me sane in this wild house.  I am thrilled to be joining the amazing talent here at 365 Cards, and am looking forward to sharing our challenges with all of YOU!


Jennifer gets to jump in right away with a challenge to create 3 3x3 cards, all with a similar color scheme and theme.  They're so fun to make (just my opinion), and you can easily use the same mix of supplies to create several at one time.


So here are Jennifer's cards:


Absolutely adorable!


To check out more of Jennifer's wonderful work, pop over to her blog Glitter in my Hair  and say "hello".


Then you can come on back tomorrow and meet another new DT member...

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Day 17 - Ad Inspired


Hannah's up today with an ad and her take on the challenge.  The ad she selected is quite appropiately very green!

Check it out:

Beautifully green it is :-)

And here is Hannah's card:

Clean and Simple, and I love that shamrock!!

Here's the complete sentiment on the inside of the card:

Isn't that lovely?

So use the ad that Hannah provided above, and let's see how it inspires your card...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day 16 - Abstract Art

Inspiration is everywhere, but I think one of the very best places has to be in works of art, particularly paintings.  But I'm not talking about just any painting -- let's use an abstract painting.

Kim is up with her card today, and she chose this painting for inspiration:
"Rorschach" by Andy Warhol c1984 (found on

And here is her card:

A challenge like this should really get those creative juices flowing, and it'll be lots of fun to see what everyone comes up with!!

{heehee, Kim here, since I had to add my pics after Pam wrote up the post, I thought I'd add a few of my own comments! Pam let me pick the inspiration piece for today and I have a feeling that many of you are groaning! Gotta admit, as a psychologist, the Rorschach was one of those tests I had to learn and it is very interesting! When I saw this piece by Andy Warhol, I got a huge grin on my face! The original Rorschach personality test is inkblots and since I have a bunch of ink...I decided to experiment! So I went old school and dropped some ink on glossy cardstock. Gotta admit I wanted to it to "look like" a butterfly and I think I got that in and "abstract" way! So what will you come up with? :)}

Day 15 - Color Scheme

Once again we have a wonderful mix of regular participants and talented newcomers.  And we are glad that you all joined in last week!!

Here are our Spotlight Designers:

Add caption
Every week we give a shout out to those who participate in every challenge from Sunday to Saturday.  That is a challenge enough all by itself.  So "Way to Go!!!" to:

Mark Angel
Dale T.
Kathy D.
Granny Goodwitch

These card makers are the Weekly Challenge All-Stars from last week!

Today's challenge is to use the following color scheme:

And Audrey has shared a fantastic example:

Normally I provide 4-5 colors, but I thought that perhaps 3 would present more of a challenge - especially if you stick to shades of just these colors.  But Audrey nailed it, and I can't wait to see what you do with it...

Monday, March 14, 2011

Day 14 - Fresh Baked Goodness

I'm back with one last Monday challenge before Heidi returns officially filling the Monday spot.

I've chosen the title "Fresh Baked Goodness" and the challenge is to design a card based on what that means to you.

For me something baked should be dessert, and a cup of coffee to go with - yum!

So I filled the background with cupcake paper and in front there's a "steaming" cup of coffee.

So what do you think of when you read the words "fresh baked goodness"??

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day 13 - Super Sketchy Sunday

Is it time already for another Sunday sketch?  Well, let's get started...

And some wonderful DT examples:





Four beautifully different takes on the sketch!!

And next week I will introduce you to a fab new member of the Sunday Sketch Design Team!

This week we welcome back Digis with Attitude as the sponsor of our prize.  If you like your digi stamps with a little bit of attitude, then you will love this shop.  Check it out for some super cool designs!!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Day 12 - Keep it Simple

Today our Super Sketchy designer Sophia is stepping in with her take on a daily challenge!

It's a Keep it Simple challenge and here are the specifics:

Cover the front of the card with patterned paper, add a sentiment and one embellishment and that's it.

Sophia definitely covered it with patterned paper -- such a nice mix of patterns.  What's great is that it doesn't need much embellishment. 

Here is a close-up of that fab flower:

Despite all the different papers, Sophia still kept it simple by sticking to the challenge requirments -- now let's see how you do with the challenge...