Saturday, December 31, 2011

Day 306 - Flashback Saturday

Here's our last opportunity this week to look back on the past year's challenges.  DoBea has selected

Day 183 Imagine This: Wrinkled

And here's her take

Gorgeous flower - wow!  And the sentiment is quite appropriate as we look back on the previous year and look forward to the future.

We'll be back tomorrow with a sketch and a brand new year...

Friday, December 30, 2011

Day 305 - Flashback Friday

This is a great challenge and definitely worth giving another try...

Jennifer chose Day 148 - Tuesday Background Challenge, which was to stamp the sentiment all over the background of the card.

Here's her example for you today

Love it - it works so well with the image she chose!

This is such a fun way to incorporate the sentiment, and I think you will really enjoy giving it a try...

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Day 304 - Flashback Thursday

Here comes Hannah's flashback choice...

Day 95 - Mixed Messages

Combine 4 ways to add a sentiment to your card -- ideas are stamping (ink or digi), computer-generated, alphas, handwritten, stickers, chipboard letters, etc.
Here's Hannah's card

Beautiful card and such a great mix of techniques in that sentiment!
She used stamping, die cut, paint and wire to create the sentiment.

Mix it up and use 4 different ways to create your "message", and link it up here...

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Day 303 - Flashback Wednesday

Hi All and Happy Wednesday!

Here is the Flashback challenge that Kim chose

Day 80

All you need to do is take some stamped, handwritten, computer generated, etc. (whatever method you can think of) letters and cut them out individually as part of your sentiment.

Here's Kim's example

Absolutely adorable - and a fun challenge, too!

You can set all your letters side-by-side or scatter them all over your card.  Make some "cute cuts" and add them to your card however you like...

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Day 302 - Flashback Tuesday

Well, I don't know about you, but I've found it tough to squeeze in some crafty time during all the holiday festivities around here.  Fortunately some talented card makers linked up some fabulous cards to last week's challenges.  And here's a sample of that crafty loveliness

Thank you all for contributing these cards to the gallery!

So today's flashback challenge was chosen by Audrey...

It's Day 33 "Boy oh Boy"

Create a masculine card with a touch of pink

Here's Audrey's creation

Sweet and simple, and it fits a challenge.  That was a great challenge, and definitely one worth revisiting.

Thanks for your patience as I find time to get this week's challenges posted.

Right now I'm working on a fresh look for the site, so be looking for that in the coming weeks...

Monday, December 26, 2011

Day 301 - Flashback in Monday

As we approach the end of another great calendar year, it's an opportunity to look back on some of the challenges we've had here at 365 Cards.  If you could go back and re-do a challenge, which one would it be?  Well, that's the question I asked Annie, Audrey, Kim, Hannah, Jennifer, and DoBea, and they've all selected a challenge that they would like you to re-visit from this past year.

Annie chose Signature Sentiment from Day 29. 

Here's how that challenge works:

Do you have a signature expression that you use?  Or perhaps you'd like to create a card with someone who does.  Either way, that should be the sentiment on your card.
Annie says it's important for her to remember to "Believe" in herself and her potential.  That's such a beautiful word and so perfect for this time of year!

Here's a close-up of that sentiment

It can be anything you like that qualifies as your signature sentiment.  Put it on your card and link it up here...

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Day 300 - Super Sketchy Sunday


Here's your Sunday Sketch

And some fabulous Design Team cards




Have a wonderful day, 365ers!

And come on back tomorrow as we begin our "Year in Review"...

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Day 299 - World Landmarks

It's Christmas Eve, and I am pausing in my day of celebrating with family to write this post.

'Tis the season where there are lots of different types of celebrations and traditions all over the world.  Wherever you are and however you celebrate, I hope you are enjoying yourself!

And speaking of things from all over the world, that is at the heart of today's challenge.  Select a well-known landmark from anywhere in the world to inspire or include on your card.

DoBea chose the Eiffel Tower for her card

And an elegant card, it is!

What landmark did you first think of when you read this challenge?  Perhaps it will make a lovely addition yo your card...

Friday, December 23, 2011

Day 298 - Two Techniques

But not just any two techniques!

The two that you need to use on your card are

Masking and Stenciling

And Jennifer did a beautiful job with both, check out her card

The swirls in the background were traced from a stencil and she used masking to add the word "dreamer" in the lower right corner.

It doesn't have to be elaborate, just a simple use of these techniques will do...

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Day 297 - White Space

Here's a White Space challenge for you....

And here's Hannah's take

Wow this is absolutely stunning!  And Hannah's photograph of this card is spectacular as well.  It really accentuates the beauty of the card.

So here's how it works - just limit your decorations on the card to the areas that are blacked out, and you will meet the requirements of the challenge.  Any theme will do, and then link your card up here.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Day 296 - In Stitches

Here's your challenge for today, and it will surely have you "in stitches"

Use two different types of stitches on your card - only one type can be machine stitching if you choose it.

Here is Kim's card

So fun and festive! 

And if you look closely at Kim's card, you'll see some faux stitching, which absolutely counts as one of your stitches.

If you like stitching on your cards, then you will like this one.  And if you aren't too sure, then it will probably be a challenge.

Either way, get stitchy and link up your card here...

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Day 295 - I've Been Framed

Here are the Spotlight Designers from last week's challenges

Nicely done, Everyone - and did you know that you've got a badge made just for you that you can grab over from the sidebar?

As always, we need to congratulate the designers who complete all the challenges from Sunday to Saturday, and last week we had two Weekly Challenge All-Stars

Mark A. and Lisa M.!!

You both rock for getting all those beautiful cards made.

Today's challenge is to create a circle shaped frame on your card using flowers.  What you frame with it is up to you.

Here's Audrey's example

Gorgeous card - this definitely makes me want to "celebrate"!
If you have a surplus of flowers like I do, then you will definitely like this challenge.  Dig out those flowers, put them on your card, and then link that card up here...

Monday, December 19, 2011

Day 294 - ABC's and 123's

Here's a nice and simple challenge for you

Use a combination of alphabet stickers and numbers (these can be from any source) on your card.

Here's Annie's take

Beautiful card.  It almost has a vintage look to it!

Any theme works for this challenge as long as you use alphabet stickers and numbers on your card...

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Day 293 - Super Sketchy Sunday

Whew, I'm finally sitting down to do this post.  Things are always so hectic around the Holidays that it's nice to take a moment to have a cup of coffee and catch up on my blogging.

So I won't waste any more time.  Here's the sketch for today

And some wonderful Design Team cards





Wow, these are all so beautiful and yet quite different from one another!

I really look forward to seeing what else gets linked up here...

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Day 292 - So Soothing

Are you the kind of person who likes a make a visit to the spa on occasion?  Do you find it peaceful lying in a hammock or listening to relaxing music?  If so, then this challenge is definitely for you!

Here's what it calls for

Use soothing colors and images on your card

That's all you have to do.  What you consider soothing might vary from somebody else's idea about it.

Here's what DoBea came up with

Ahhhh - very peaceful looking!
DoBea said she chose a Spring day because she finds it soothing to relax on nice warm day.

What do you find soothing?  Let's see colors and images that depict that...

Friday, December 16, 2011

Day 291 - Diamonds and Pearls

And here are the specifics of the challenge

Include diamond shapes on your card - more than one (can be patterned paper), and at least 3 "pearls" on your card.

Here's what Jennifer came up with

This is lovely - such a nice combo of patterns!

And she's definitely met the requirements of the challenge.

So pull out those diamonds and pearls and put them on your card...

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Day 290 - Change of Base

Get it?  Change of "Base"?  I amuse myself with these silly titles!

But let's get right to the challenge, shall we?

It's called Change of Base because it's all about the card base today.  Use anything but cardstock as your card base.

Hannah chose felt, which says was tricky but fun to work with.  Here's her card

I love it - it makes me wish it would snow here!

And such a clever design :-)

This is definitely a "think outside of the box" kind of challenge, but I know you will rise to the occasion - and of course, link up those cards here...

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Day 289 - Pretty Petals

For this challenge, you need to create a large flower on your card using petals you've created yourself.  And you can do this any way you want.

Here's what Kim did with the challenge

Love the simplicity of this card - a beautiful poinsettia with a large sentiment!

There are lots of ways to do this, you just might have to get a little creative...

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Day 288 - Triple It

Here are the Spotlight Designers from last week

And congrats to Paula Bee and Mark Angel for completing all the challenges for the week!!  Did I miss anyone?  Let me know and I'll be sure to add your name as one of the Weekly Challenge All-Stars.

I've got my eye on a couple of Guest Design spot winners from last week's challenges.  I'll be contacting those card makers to see if they are interested in creating a card to share with all of you right here...

So today's challenge is to "Triple It", which means we need to see

 3 triangles, 3 circles, and 3 squares on your card.

Here's how Audrey did it

Beautifully done, Audrey - I just adore this whimsical tree!!

Now it's your turn to Triple It...

Monday, December 12, 2011

Day 287 - Feeling Blue-Green

A fun little play on words there...

Anyway, today's challenge is about using blue-green as a dominant color.  There are lots of different names for the various blue-green combos - teal, turquoise, aqua, etc.  And that has to be the main color on your card.

I get to share a card with you today, and here's what I came up with

I definitely like to keep things clean and simple :-)

It doesn't have to be the only color, but blue-green needs to be the primary color on your card...

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Day 286 - Super Sketchy Sunday

Holiday preparations and fesitivities are well under way, but hopefully there's still some time to scrap.

I've managed to squeeze out some time and so has the 365 Cards Sunday DT.  They've got some cards to go along with this sketch

And here are their takes





Gorgeous cards! 

I hope you can find a little time to relax and craft and take a break from all the craziness that seems to happen this time of year...

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Day 285 - Touchy Feely

Time to add some texture and dimension to your card, and here is the challenge

Add three distinct textures to your card - there are lots of options for this - felt, fleece, flocking, glitter, wet/dry embossing, dimensional adhesive - anything you can think of as long as they each come from a different source.

Let's see what DoBea did with it

Gorgeous card, and here are the details of what she did

Dry embossing,
Clear crackle to fill in the embossed image
Glitter on the snowflakes

There are so many options for this challenge, it's just a matter of narrowing it down to three...

Friday, December 9, 2011

Day 284 - Marvelous Mosaic

The concept is fairly simple, but the task might just be challenging.

Create a mosaic on your card, by cutting and placing small pieces of paper to create a lovely design on your card.

You can keep it simple or you can get very detailed, it's up to you.

Here's what Jennifer did

I love this color scheme and she kept it simple with some large "tiles" in the background.

However you choose to this, you must make a mosaic on your card...

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Day 283 - Favorite Store

A great big CONGRATULATIONS to Sunday DTer, Wendi, who just had a baby girl!

I will leave it to Wendi to share all the details, but we could not be happier for her that she had a beautiful, healthy baby.

And now on to today's challenge...

When I'm out and about, especially these days with all my Christmas shopping, I'm reminded of all the inspiration that surrounds us everywhere.

To inspire you for this challenge, I want you to think of your favorite store.  Is it what you can buy there (home decor, antiques) or the great big sign on the building that really stands out?

There's no one thing about the store you choose that can inspire you. 

Can you gueess which store Hannah chose?

I love this card - it's so beautiful.  And honestly, if I didn't know that she used a challenge to inspire this card, I wouldn't automatically think of Target. 

Nice work, Hannah!

So what's the first store that comes to mind when you read about this challenge?

Let's see how it inspires your card...

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Day 282 - Challenge Combo

Kim's up today with a super cute card thanks to the combination of three past challenges that were spun into one unique (and fabulous!) challenge.

So here's how it goes

Take one challenge from September, one from October, and one from November of this year off the 365 Cards blog, and create your own unique challenge.  One of those can be a sketch challenge.

Here's Kim's card

Isn't that adorable?

She combined the following challenges

September 25 sketch

October 31 "all smiles" challenge

and November 3 Rs (rhinestone, rickrack and mine is RED)

Think of all the possible challenges you can come up with - have fun...

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Day 281 - Ad Inspired

Here is the amazing group of Spotlight Designers from last week

And two talented card makers completed all 7 challenges...

Nicely done Mark A. and Kemma!!

Also, I've updated last Tuesday's post with the winners, and you can check it out HERE.

Today Audrey brings you an ad inspired challenge.

Here's the advertisement she chose from Magazine Archive online

And here's her card

Beautiful job pulling those colors from the ad and creating this gorgeous card, Audrey!

I look forward to seeing all the wonderful creations this ad inspires...

Monday, December 5, 2011

Day 280 - Inchies and Rinchies

"Inchies", those little 1x1 cuties that you can add to any project, meet "rinchies", round inchies, in this challenge.

Here are the specifics

Mix and match inchies and rinchies on your card, in any amount.

Here's Annie's example

Annie stuck with "Rinchies" on hers, and it looks fabulous!!

So what combo will you choose?  I can't wait to see when you link it up here...

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Day 279 - Super Sketchy Sunday

Happy Sunday!  Here's a sketch coming atcha

And some fabulous DT examples





And now for an extra special prize for this week's challenges...

We are looking for a Guest Designer, and it might just be YOU.  So play along any time this week and you'll be considered for the spot...