Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Day 317 - Imagine This: Candy Land

With my girls, I'm playing lots of board/card games appropriate for young children.  One of my faves is Candy Land, which of course I enjoyed when I was little, too.  I think it's the rainbow colors and all that candy that still appeals to me.

And then I thought to myself that it would inspire lots of wonderful cards, and that is how I arrived at this challenge.

Here's Kim's card

Oh yes, this definitely fits the challenge, right down to all the lucious candy!!

You can use colors, images, patterns, whatever makes you think of Candy Land...


Laurie said...

Kim, I love your card! The paper is so vibrant and colorful! You're so talented!

stephinka said...

What a fun challenge! Thanks!

-etch said...

Lots of fun!