Saturday, January 14, 2012

Day 320 - On the Fringes

There's no embellishment quite like fringe, so let's really use it for this challenge.

Here are the specifics

Use fringe in two different places on your card - not just around the base of the card.

Here's DoBea's stunning example

Wow, this would make a perfect wedding or anniversary card!  Or maybe even a non-traditional Valentine.

What we consider to be fringe varies, and you can always make your own using ribbon or paper, so don't limit yourself to already made fringe.


Laurie said...

This was a fun card to make! I can't believe I made a boa out of a pipe cleaner. DoBea your card is just gorgeous! I love blue and silver together.

Dale Tiernan said...

Quite stylish with the silver and teal colours.

Katarina A said...

Love your sketch. It's my first time in your challenges. Katarina XXX

Tamara said...

That was fun! Thank you for another great challenge! :)