Monday, January 16, 2012

Day 322 - Feeling Scrappy

As much as I love buying new papers, I've got lots of scraps that are still useful and I like to have an excuse to dig them out (and dust them off, lol!).

And that's what today's challenge is all about

 Dig through those scraps and find 3 patterned papers and 2 pieces of cardstock to use on your card.  Aside from the cardstock base, the paper you use should be from scraps of paper.

Here's Annie's example

Ahhh, that dog looks so carefree, I'm jealous! 

And her card design is perfect for small scraps of paper - no need to cut down anything new.

So start digging and find some paper that needs to find a home on your card...


2peasinapod said...

Thank you for the scrap challenge. I enjoyed looking through my scraps. Hugs Brenda

Dale Tiernan said...

I have made a lot of projects from scraps last week. Seems to be a theme atm. I applaud it.

-etch said...

Trying to use lots of scraps this year and not purchase any new paper!

Carol Hartery said...

I LOVE having the challenge to use my scraps. Thanks!

Liezl said...

Great tip! I try to be resourceful and recycle and re-purpose items. I will gather my scraps and put something together!