Friday, March 16, 2012

Day 16 - Color Scheme

We’ve got a fun change to the 365 Cards challenge line-up.  Every Friday, DoBea will create a color scheme to challenge us with, and Jennifer will share her take.

Doesn’t that sound like fun?  So if you like color scheme challenges, then you can look forward to Fridays!
Here’s the color scheme for today
And here’s Jennifer’s card

Beautiful – and the butterflies are such a good choice for the colors.  Very soothing, I think!

So take a good look at the colors above and re-create that scheme on your card...


Wifey Cookie said...

Fabulous card, Jennifer! :)


Denice said...

Another fun challenge, and it's in my favorite colors!

Jennifer's sample is gorgeous, butterflies are always the perfect choice.

Pin And Tack said...

A gorgeous color schem & it has some of my favorite colors. Jennifer, your card is splendid!

harryvol5 said...

Color Scheme and the butterflies have made this card to look stylish yet simple.Perfect blend of colors.
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