Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Day 20 - You're Invited

Happy Birthday to Sunday Design Team Member Jenny!!!
We hope you are having a splendid day J

Today’s challenge has a little something to do with celebrations.

Here are the specifics
You're invited - create an invitation to an event - Include images that depict what type of celebration it's going to be.
Audrey created this beautiful blue card
On a side note, we kindly ask that you consider turning off word verification if you have it turned on.  It makes commenting difficult and often deters us from leaving them.  A nice alternative to this is to require comment moderation, so you can still weed out the spam. 
As promised, here are your Spotlight Designers from last week.
Fantastic work!

And here are the Weekly challenge all-stars

Mark A.
studio sara
prema g.
caroline t.

great job everyone!! did i miss anyone?  Please let me know if your name should be up here, too.
have a wonderful day and be sure to see what’s happening over at SRM Stickers.

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Goblinf said...

Hello. Long time no see! I think it's at least a year since I was last able to play. Really pleased to see you're still here and going strong.
Goblinf Lois