Monday, May 21, 2012

Day 82 - Colors of Spring

It's raining here today, but I'm sure there's sunshine somewhere, and I'd love to see some bright springy colors on your cards for this challenge.

In fact let's make it a minimum of FIVE colors that make you think of Spring.

Here's my card for the challenge

All my colors came from buttons that look like blossoms

I stenciled on some stems and there's the card.

You can use as many colors as you want, but use a minimum of 5, and black, brown, and grey cannot count as your 5.


Just Ruthie said...

Had fun with this one. The color thing was kinda challenging. I thought I had a ton of color but when I sat down to name them I was starting to get worried. Good one!

Shelly Schmidt said...

Fun challenge! Thanks!

Karen said...

I loved this one!!
Your card is so lovely too... very inspiring.xx

Ginger said...

Love this challenge! Spring, Spring, Spring colors. The design of this card is adoble also!