Monday, September 24, 2012

Day 208 - Imagine This: Falling Snow

I know some of you are experiencing warm weather, but we are definitely feeling a chill in the air where I live.
So I'm starting to think about snow and cold.  And that's what this challenge is all about...
It's an Imagine This challenge, and the theme is Falling Snow.
Whatever this makes you think of, let it inspire your card design.
Here's Erin's example

And here's a look at the inside

Oh, I just adore this card, inside and out!  The white polka dots in the background definitely remind me of falling snow.
An Imagine This challenge is really wide open to interpretation, so just let the creative juices flow and design a card that fits the theme for you.


Craftylollea said...

hi, great challenge, I'll be sure to keep my fingers and toes crossed xx

Kelly said...

Thank you for providing these challenges and all you do. Kelly

Gail said...

I am from Michigan so often we get falling snow - some winters not so much - I kind of like that - don't like the cold - but like to see the beautiful snowfall!

lauren bergold said...

hooray for FALLING SNOW!!! at least, hooray for falling snow on CARDS and in fun challenges!!! (i am MUCH less enthusiastic about actual falling snow on, say, the roads near my house, lol!) :)