Monday, December 10, 2012

Day 285 - Opposite Week

I'm doing a little something called "Opposite Week" where I give you a set of opposites and you get creative with them.
The key to these challenges is not to feel too restricted by the opposites and let those creative juices flow.
I thought we'd kick off these challenges with a more straightforward one.
On the color wheel, there "opposites" at least in how they are positioned.  So you'll find Red opposite Green, Blue opposite Orange, and Purple opposite Yellow.  Choose one of these pairs as your color scheme and see what you come up with.
Here is Eesha's example

Beautiful - I love the use of the sequins.
You can add other colors if you wish, but try to stick primarily to the two colors use choose for this first "opposite".

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Tamara said...

I had so much fun working with the opposites. Thanks so much for a great challenge! You all really helped me get my Christmas cards done this year with your challenges. :)