Friday, August 31, 2012

Day 184 - Color Scheme

I get to jump in today with my take on the color scheme challenge.
Here are the colors I got to play with
I sure had fun with them - I used the stamp I had from DRS Designs and tried to think about how the circles could work with the colors.
The colors made me think about Fall, and the circles made me think of bubbles...which eventually led to a Halloween theme and a bubbling cauldron.
So here's what I came up with
The orange came out a bit darker than I had intended, but I'm pretty happy with it.
These colors really are beautiful together and would certainly work with a non-Fall card, so you just need to think about how they will inspire you.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Day 183 - Pick-a-Pattern

Hello and Happy Thursday!
We've got a challenge for you called Pick-a-Pattern because you need to select 2 of the following patterns to use on your card
Paisley, Polka Dots, Gingham, Houndstooth, or Toile
Here's Michelle's card with her two choices: Polka Dots and Toile
She made great use of the snowman stamp from DRS Designs - love the black and white color scheme!
Pick any two patterns from above, use them any way you wish on your card, and then link up here...

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Day 182 - Textured Treatment

Okay, weird title, I know, but I'm talking about using textured paper and stamping on it.
It creates a really neat effect, but of course it also presents more of a challenge than stamping on smooth paper.
I used some textured cardstock to create this tag

I used a fun background stamp from DRS Designs and layered these circles in different colors.  I went back over the stamped images with glitter pens. 
If you don't have textured cardstock, I have a couple of suggestions...
1) Create texture with dry embossing and stamp over it
2) Use another textured surface - it doesn't have to be paper
Have fun with it!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Day 181 - Gotta Have It

Have you ever seen an image of food, clothing, or something other item and thought - "I Gotta Have It!"?
Well that's what you'll do with this challenge.
Use an image that makes you think, I need to have that right now.  If it's food, it needs to have you drooling. 
Here's what Audrey created so you can see what I'm talking about

I know I've mentioned it before, but I LOVE popcorn, and this image (thanks to DRS Designs) definitely makes me crave some crunchy, buttery goodness right now!
I'm being intentionally vague with ideas, because I really want you to have some freedom with the challenge.  It doesn't just have to be food, it just has to make you say, "I just gotta have that right now!"

Monday, August 27, 2012

Day 180 - Stand-out Stripes

There are so many wonderful patterned papers, and even stamps, that incorporate
{STRIPES}, so I'd like to see some on your cards for this challenge, and they should be a prominent feature of the card..
Here's how Erin incorporated them

CAS and Fabulous!
I love that design.
Do you like stripes, at least on cards? Either way, have them stand-out on your card no matter what the overall design.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Day 179 - Super Sketchy Sunday

We've got a sketch and a new sponsor this week...

Here are your Design Team cards featuring stamps from this week's sponsor


Beautiful job, Ladies!! 
We'll be using rubber stamps from DRS Designs on our cards all week long, so stick around and play along with us when you can...

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Day 178 - Two Techniques

For this challenge, you can create a card of any theme, any design, as long as you use two of the following techniques on your card.
Sanding, Masking, Embossing, Stamping with Ink, Shading with pastels, and Sponging
Here's DoBea's example
Hmmmm....I think I see dry embossing and stamping :)
You can use more than two of these, and it might even be fun to use as many as you can.
Be sure to let us know which techniques you've chosen, and link those cards up here...

Friday, August 24, 2012

Day 177 - Color Scheme

First, an update on Tuesday's challenge:
Visit THIS POST to find out who is our Guest Designer on the challenge.
That was so much fun, we'll definitely do it again sometime!
Here's your Friday Color Scheme challenge...

And here's Jennifer's card

Those colors work beautifully on this Halloween-y card!
Perhaps they make you think of an entirely different theme.  Let us see what you come up with by linking those cards up here...

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Day 176 - It's a Textural Thing

I love seeing different textures all over a card, so that's what this challenge is all about.
Use 3 different techniques for adding texture to your card.  They can be anything you want.
Here's Michelles example

Here's a close-up

Isn't that wonderfully creative and artistic?
Michelle added texture using texture paste, washi tape, and Stickles.  Look around at your stash, you might be surprised at all the ways you can add texture to your card.  Sometimes you'll even find items (flowers, buttons, stickers) that already have a wonderful texture to them.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Day 175 - Half-and-Half

Here are your Spotlight Designers from last week

and the Weekly Challenge All-Stars
Eesha K.
Caroline T.
And of course we have a winner of the Crimson Cloud prize
Contact me HERE to claim your prize
Today I've got a card for you and it's for a challenge I call "Half-and-Half", because you need to keep all the decoration on exactly half the card.  You can choose to divide your card any way you want.
Here's what I came up with
I kept it simple, but it fills half the card.
You can load up half of the card as much as you want, but it must only be on half...

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Day 174 - Surprise Inside

There's a surprise inside this post, and there will be one in your cards, too, if you complete this challenge.

Our Designer Audrey is on vacation, so I'm going to have fun with this post.

You have 48 hours to post a card for this challenge for the chance to have it shared on this post!

All you have to do is link up your card by noon EST on Thursday, and we just might select you to be the guest designer for the challenge!!

So, here are the details on the challenge:

Create a card that has a little surprise inside - something unexpected and fun for the recipient.  Get creative, share some photos of the card on your blog and link up here.

That's it all there is to it!

I will post the Spotlight Designers, Weekly Challenge All-stars and the Crimson Cloud winner tomorrow, so stay tuned for that...


Here's our Guest Designer...

Eesha Kolli

And the surpise inside is....
Love it!!  You can get all the details about this card on her post HERE.

You can still play along for a chance to be the Spotlight Designer for this challenge.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Day 173 - Card Recipe

Well, we haven't had one of these in a long while, so let's try a Card Recipe challenge

Here are the ingredients:

4.25x5.5 Card
3 Bold colors
2 patterned papers
Glitter (or something glittery)
1 other embellishment
Sentiment (anything goes)

And here's Erin's example

Yep, it's all there and it's a terrific example!

Try to stick to just those ingredients and see what you come up with.  Be sure to link it up here and share it with us...

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Day 172 - Super Sketchy Sunday

Here's your Sunday Sketch!

And the Design Team examples






Wonderful examples - such variety in design!!

Have fun with the sketch and meet us back here for more scrappy fun this week...

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Day 171 - Muted

I'm going to start this post by playing a little catch-up.  I had some much needed R&R visiting with a dear friend in Utah last week, but it meant not keeping up with our winners.

So let's revisit the prior week's challenges by recognizing some Spotlight Designers

If this is your first time as a Spotlight Designer, you are welcome to grab a badge over from the sidebar for your blog.

Here are the Weekly Challenge All-Stars

Studio Sara

Tabitha D.

Caroline T.

Way to go getting all SEVEN challenges done!

And here's our Robyn's Fetish prize winner


Please contact me HERE to claim your prize.

Let's move on to today's challenge...

DoBea is bringing you her take on a challenge I call "Muted" - we want to avoid bold colors, patterns, designs, etc.

Here's what she came up with

As usual, DoBea has a gorgeous blossom on her card - and the design fits the theme for sure!

What does "Muted" mean to you?  You need to keep it hush-hush on your card and link it up here :-)

Friday, August 17, 2012

Day 170 - Color Scheme

Happy Birthday to Sunday Design Team Member


We hope you are having a beautiful day!

Here's the Color Scheme challenge for today

And here's Jennifer's beautiful card

Have fun with the challenge!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Day 169 - Tri-Fold

It's time for a folding challenge.

You've maybe created one before, but it's time to do it again,

Create a tri-fold card of any design.

Michelle create this beauty to inspire you

If you've never tried one before, this is a great opportunity, and link it up here.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Day 168 - Centered

Hi 365ers - I'm bringing you this post from Salt Lake City, Utah!!

Before I left town I whipped up a little card that I'm pretty proud of for the challenge I call "Centered".

For this challenge, we're looking for cards that have all the elements totally centered on the card. 

Here's what I did

There's a little freedom of interpretation here, since the sentiment is not dead center on the card, but it's on the circle which is centered.

It was definitely a challenge for me, how about you?

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Day 167 - All Boy

I know we don't give enough attention to masculine cards specifically around here, so let's do just that!

I'm calling this one ALL BOY and that's what your card needs to be.

Here's Audrey's example

Oh yes, that's it - a fabulous example!

Boy,oh boy this is going to be fun seeing what you come up with for this challenge.  Don't hold back, your card needs to 'all boy' for this one.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Day 166 - Squared

Can you guess what this challenge is about?

If you are thinking squares, then you are right.

Here are the specifics

Create a square card, and use at least 2 more squares on the card itself.

And here's Erin's example

I just love this, CAS and it fits the challenge!!

You can have more squares, but you must have at least two in addition to your square card.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Day 165 - Super Sketchy Sunday

Here's the sketch for this week

And your amazingly wonderful Design Team examples






And back to sponsor our prize this week is

Crimson Cloud

So join in the fun any time this week, we'd love to see your take on any or all of the challenges!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Day 164 - Blossoming

Flowers - they sure are popular aren't they?

They do make a lovely addition to any card, so let's use them for this challenge

Use at least 3 flowers on your card

Here's DoBea's example


And she got all her flowers in there on one fabulous image from Robyn's Fetish.

This is one image that is perfect front and center on a card.

They can come from any source, but you must have a minimum of three flowers on your card.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Day 163 - Color Scheme

Here comes your Friday Color Scheme

And here's Jennifer's beautiful card


Have fun with the color scheme and link those cards up here...

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Day 162 - Imagine This: Bright

Another Imagine This challenge, and it's all about the word


What does that word make you think of? 

Here's what it makes Michelle think of

That's fabulous!  It fits the theme and I just love how she's incorporated all of her elements.

How will that word inspire your card design?  I can't wait to see, so link those cards up here...

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Day 161 - Transferred

Here's a fun little challenge that involves rub-on transfers, and it's quite simple...

Use at least TWO rub-ons on your card.  They can be sentiments, images, or a combo of both.

I chose 4 sentiments and here they are with a darling little bicycle built for two from Robyn's Fetish.

I tried to frame the image with the words, and I think it works.

Mix-and-match them, or use some from the same set of rub-ons, as long as you include at least two on your card.